Definition of sickbay in US English:


(also sick bay)


  • A room or building set aside for the treatment or accommodation of the sick, especially within a military base or on board a ship.

    • ‘Despite Buddy's protests Armstrong carried Bracks through the ship to the sickbay.’
    • ‘He then supervised the movement of the patient to his sickbay.’
    • ‘Both were rushed to the Navy sickbay for treatment of their injuries.’
    • ‘There all done now if you two don't mind I have a sickbay to attend to.’
    • ‘I poked my head back into the sickbay, hissing for Keejana's attention.’
    • ‘He was bayoneted to death in the sickbay, reportedly wielding his eponymous knife to the end.’
    • ‘Aboard the Hiawatha, Captain Delong strode into the ship's sickbay.’
    • ‘I was more then a little surprised to actually wake up, let alone in the sterile, yet cramped surroundings of a shipboard sickbay.’
    • ‘‘I need to get back to my ship, to the sickbay,’ she replied.’
    • ‘Quickly and carefully the two were loaded into carrying frames and pushed out towards the sickbay as soon as possible.’
    • ‘When the stretcher arrived, the four sailors carefully placed the injured sailor on the stretcher and transported him safely to sickbay for definitive medical care aboard ship.’
    • ‘Carried her in his arm, he dashed along the buildings looking for the school sickbay.’
    • ‘Neither of us remembered the way back to the sickbay and we definitely had no idea where the next exit was.’
    • ‘He hurried over to the sickbay to find a hospital corpsman.’
    • ‘The Bridge crew is ready to go beam us directly to your sickbay.’
    • ‘Jim stepped through the hatch into the ship's sickbay.’
    • ‘We made it to the sickbay just as the power failed.’
    • ‘Prison healthcare centres, although commonly called hospitals, are not like NHS hospitals but more like sickbays with primary care cover.’
    • ‘He has been transmitted to the main sickbay however he is currently unconscious.’
    • ‘In the sickbay, Renny's body wracked with a sudden spasm, ripping off one of the monitors.’
    infirmary, clinic, sickroom, medical centre, hospital, hospice, nursing home, convalescent home, rest home
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