Definition of sick day in English:

sick day


  • A day taken off from work because of illness.

    • ‘Just like there's no crying in baseball, there are no frivolous sick days in residency.’
    • ‘But on average, the vaccine only buys 0.4 fewer sick days - or about 200 minutes - per employee each winter.’
    • ‘If you're a dentist, and your morning starts out like Dr. Feinstone's does, take a goddamn sick day.’
    • ‘The women often did not have paid sick days and were reluctant to take time off for illness as it meant they would have extra work when they returned.’
    • ‘I bitched about having to take another sick day on Monday to go to the funeral.’
    • ‘Moncayo was beaten to the ground with a coffee thermos after filing a complaint with his employer because he earned less than minimum wage, and received no overtime pay or sick days.’
    • ‘It's about the contemptuous glances, angry passenger rants and abusive bosses who rack up discipline slips and are stingy about sick days.’
    • ‘There are no sick days by whim here; vacation is a federal affair.’
    • ‘Of course, I could use a day or two off, but I'd rather not give up 2 sick days.’
    • ‘All sick days were doctor-certified and included days off for psychological illness.’
    • ‘When he retired from the one job, he had 200 sick days that he never took.’
    • ‘A recent epidemiological study of Finnish civil servants showed that the workers who took the fewest official sick days were moderate consumers of alcohol.’
    • ‘This is my first sick day in I-can't-remember-how-long.’
    • ‘You're either sick one day or eight, but a set number of sick days strikes me as arbitrary and dumb.’
    • ‘And the teachers have come forward and donated sick days to last me this entire fall.’
    • ‘For against this suspect record of a moment I had long anticipated, my mind turns to more reliable things: to sick days and road trips, to oceans.’
    • ‘They have no sick days or vacations, and there is no such thing as a maternity leave.’
    • ‘Employers advised their employees to get the vaccine to reduce the number of sick days taken; nurses actually came to some offices to administer the vaccine.’
    • ‘I also have to spend some time today trying to find out why I got a certified letter from work on Saturday demanding that I use Family Medical Leave Act time instead of sick days.’
    • ‘If you don't have one of these devices, or if you can't get the thing to work no matter how carefully you read all three translations of the user guide, then it's time to use one of your sick days.’