Definition of sick building syndrome in US English:

sick building syndrome


  • A condition affecting office workers, typically marked by headaches and respiratory problems, attributed to unhealthy or stressful factors in the working environment such as poor ventilation.

    • ‘If you feel you might have sick building syndrome or a building-related illness, you can ask your family physician for a referral to one of the five occupational health clinics in Montreal.’
    • ‘The term sick building syndrome is dominantly associated with offices.’
    • ‘Beyond targeting the current uses of methyl bromide, the company is also targeting the control of mold and bacteria that cause sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘‘Also watch out for sick building syndrome,’ she said.’
    • ‘Issues such as sick building syndrome and sustainability are also prompting a move away from synthetics back towards natural materials and finishes.’
    • ‘They also filter the air, and can fight against the common high-tech condition known as sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘They found strong evidence to suggest that UVGI can reduce the symptoms of sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘Some have concerns for sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘Besides these identifiable building-related illnesses, poor indoor air quality can also result in the more nebulous symptoms of sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘Lost U.S. worker productivity associated with related conditions such as sick building syndrome has been estimated at $10 billion/year.’
    • ‘I thought because it's ugly, actually it was because it had sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘The diagnosis of mass psychogenic illness shares many characteristics with sick building syndrome and other such illnesses, further obscuring the issue for physicians.’
    • ‘This significantly increases the quality of air within the office and reduces the risk of sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘From our perspective there is no doubt we are experiencing the kind of problems associated with sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘With each sensor costing about $7,000, it's an expensive way to find out if your employee is faking a case of sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘All this becomes part of the corporate experience, a healthy look in the midst of sick building syndrome that is characteristic of many office buildings in Egypt.’
    • ‘One of the biggest culprits for sick building syndrome is formaldehyde, a toxic compound that is widely used in pressed wood products such as plywood and some types of foam insulation.’
    • ‘Beside saving electricity, avoidance of air conditioning reduces capital outlay on mechanical services, and it sidesteps the bacterial problems known as sick building syndrome.’
    • ‘Alexander also tackles some of the issues and causes related to sick building syndrome and pollution, in turn encouraging us to cultivate safe, healthy and environment - friendly homes.’


sick building syndrome

/sik ˈbildiNG ˈsinˌdrōm/