Definition of sibship in US English:



  • 1A group of offspring having the same two parents.

    • ‘We speculate that the lack of bias in the present analysis is due to the large and well-balanced sibships created in this F 2 population structure.’
    • ‘All individuals were selected from sibships that had both female and hermaphrodite progeny, so all individuals carried a fertility cytoplasm that is susceptible to restoration.’
    • ‘Our article presents two methods for partitioning individuals into full sibships when no parental information is available and illustrates their accuracy on various real and simulated data sets.’
    • ‘Taken together the arguments considered in this paper imply similar ethnic effects within sibships, but different gender effects.’
    • ‘What is the level of correlated mating within sibships and what is the level of correlated paternity among sibships?’
    1. 1.1Anthropology The state of belonging to a sib or the same sib.
      • ‘Potential confounding by parental educational status, parental smoking, sibship size, and housing style, and interactions with site of residence, were also explored.’
      • ‘Family identity was maintained so that sibship was not confounded with any of the other assignments, but was not otherwise considered in statistical analyses.’
      • ‘However, it considers only sibship means and does not account for biological relationships between subjects within families.’
      • ‘The first is the percentage of each sibship that is female, given that women generally do a disproportionate share of maintaining kinship ties.’