Definition of Siberian tiger in US English:

Siberian tiger


  • A tiger of a large and threatened race with a long thick coat, found in southeastern Siberia and northeastern China.

    • ‘A huge new big cat house contains two endangered Siberian tigers and European lynx.’
    • ‘The painter was the shop owner, Cui Delin, a native from Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, home to Siberian tigers in the country.’
    • ‘It holds possibly the biggest single contiguous tiger population in the world (rivalled only by the Siberian tigers in the Primorski Krai region of Russia).’
    • ‘Despite persistent threats from logging and poaching, Siberian tigers continue to live in healthy numbers in the frosty, remote forests of Russia, a recent comprehensive survey showed.’
    • ‘In eastern Russia, poachers were killing between 50 to 70 Siberian tigers a year, according to the Save the Tiger Fund.’
    • ‘As a final party trick, a soldier brings out Kadyrov's two famous pets: a Siberian tiger and a lion cub given to him by friends.’
    • ‘Four big cats bounded in, four Siberian tigers.’
    • ‘The Siberian tiger is one of five subspecies of tiger, the others being the Bengal tiger, the South China tiger, the Indo-Chinese tiger and the Sumatran tiger.’
    • ‘There was a raccoon and a Siberian tiger in the room.’
    • ‘Your book focuses on the lions of Gir, the saltwater crocs of Australia's Northern Territory, Romania's brown bears, and Siberian tigers.’
    • ‘It was not the first time vets from the firm had treated animals in Russia, as partner John Lewis has visited the country about a dozen times to work with Mr Kertesz on Siberian tigers and leopards.’
    • ‘A Kansas teenager who was posing for her senior year photo with a Siberian tiger at an animal sanctuary was killed when the big cat suddenly clamped its jaws on her, police said yesterday.’
    • ‘Once herbivore populations have been established, the plan is to acclimatize Siberian tigers, predators whose modern survival is threatened by poaching.’
    • ‘Millions of dollars go to house artwork in museums, but there are more Rembrandts in the world than there are Siberian tigers.’
    • ‘The list of the critically endangered include the black rhino and Siberian tiger and the Amur leopard of Asia.’
    • ‘Reserves were created to save critical habitat for endangered species such as the Siberian tiger, saiga antelope, Russian desman and black stork.’
    • ‘Larger than Siberian tigers, cave lions once ranged throughout the Northern Hemisphere.’
    • ‘Home to six Siberian tigers, the three-acre, $8.5 million Tiger Mountain habitat includes a 10,000 gallon swimming hole featuring a man-made stream and an underground viewing area.’
    • ‘In Northeast China, a Siberian tiger was recently found killed after it fell prey to a trap originally set by the locals for boars.’
    • ‘Wide-ranging and solitary, Siberian tigers rule a domain inhabited by wild boar and elk, which feed on the Korean pine's meaty nuts.’