Definition of sialic acid in US English:

sialic acid


  • A substance present in saliva which consists of acyl derivatives of neuraminic acid.

    • ‘In an antennary structure, some antennae may be capped by sialic acid whereas others may be uncapped.’
    • ‘Biochemical markers of metastasis such as lung hydroxyproline, uronic acid, serum sialic acid and gammaglutamyl transpeptidase were estimated.’
    • ‘If scientists treat blood cells with an enzyme to remove sialic acid, the parasite can no longer invade.’
    • ‘It represents transferrin without the sialic acid residues.’
    • ‘Many pathogens use sugar groups of surface glycoproteins, in particular sialic acid residues, as receptors for invasion.’


1950s: sialic from Greek sialon ‘saliva’ + -ic.


sialic acid

/sīˌalik ˈasid/