Definition of shyness in US English:



  • The quality or state of being shy.

    ‘gradually he overcame his natural shyness’
    • ‘She looked at each pupil without showing any hint of embarrassment or shyness.’
    • ‘Kurt has always been one of the nicest people I know, but for a long time he had some problems overcoming his shyness.’
    • ‘It is quite a hard thing to force myself out of the reticence and sometime shyness that has shadowed me all this time.’
    • ‘Lan shut his eyes tight, sinking his head down a little in embarrassment and shyness.’
    • ‘Those who mistake the inborn shyness of English people for an impenetrable reserve should visit it.’
    bashfulness, diffidence, sheepishness, reserve, reservedness, introversion, reticence, timidity, timidness, timorousness, fearfulness, nervousness, mousiness, apprehension, hesitancy, hesitation, reluctance, doubt, insecurity, wariness, suspicion, chariness, lack of confidence, inhibitedness, constraint, repression, self-effacement, self-consciousness, embarrassment, coyness, demureness, modesty, humility, meekness
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