Definition of shuttlecraft in US English:



  • (in science fiction) a space shuttle, typically one used for traveling between a larger spaceship and a planet or between planets in a solar system.

    • ‘He then carried her out of the room, and he headed towards the hanger where his shuttlecraft is at, followed by his soldiers and his servants, Concordio and Selazoy.’
    • ‘I do have a license for piloting shuttlecrafts and such.’
    • ‘Joel nodded numbly, taking a seat in the back of the shuttlecraft that would transport them to the main ship.’
    • ‘Fedora and the second in command of the Aryans traveled in a shuttlecraft heading for space station, Geneva.’
    • ‘Now, who was the third passenger in your shuttlecraft?’
    • ‘Those who were able had attempted to leave the base in any available aerospace vehicle but only the one shuttlecraft had escaped, the rest falling prey to enemy missiles.’
    • ‘Among the Columbia's three assigned shuttlecraft was a fourth, the shuttle from the Independence.’
    • ‘Longclaw guides his shuttlecraft up through the atmosphere of the planet, out into the vacuum of space.’
    • ‘Ketheral carefully eyed the shuttlecraft - there were no markings, no indications of ownerships.’
    • ‘They all boarded their shuttlecraft, the Silver Star, and once everyone had strapped themselves into their seats, Veneti piloted the craft out of the shuttle bay.’
    • ‘While the shuttlecraft crashes on an away mission staged for no reason other than to necessitate a rescue, the holodeck inadvertently takes over the ship.’
    • ‘He then slowed the shuttlecraft down, and made a beeline towards the Colony.’
    • ‘It dimly reminded him of the last time he was on a shuttlecraft; however, he had not seen this one before.’
    • ‘When the girls saw the shuttle depart, they all walked to where they had hid their shuttlecraft.’
    • ‘He hit the ground running, bum-rushing a pirate that took cover behind a twisted engine from an old-style shuttlecraft.’
    • ‘How are we going to pull off fighting the Space Pirates if Sailor Captain Tsukiou and her team return with the shuttlecraft in the middle of it all?’
    • ‘Worf and Picard are in one shuttlecraft, Data's in another, and they're having a dogfight.’
    • ‘The shuttlecraft is pretty small, about the size of a small jet.’
    • ‘She carried only three Turbo Las canons, just enough to inflict damage on a modern enemy ship, and just enough Laser canons to hold off a squadron or two of enemy fighters and shuttlecraft.’
    • ‘I do have a license for riding shuttlecrafts and such.’