Definition of shutter speed in US English:

shutter speed


  • The time for which a shutter is open at a given setting.

    • ‘Base your exposure on the existing light conditions, using a small aperture and the longest shutter speed available.’
    • ‘In the technique called panning, you use a slow shutter speed and move the camera to follow your subject.’
    • ‘Coordinating your two hands on the two controls takes some practice, but the slower the shutter speed, the more time you have to unravel the logistics.’
    • ‘If you get a warning, either switch to a higher shutter speed or, if that's not an option, find something to rest the camera on - a fence post or porch rail, for example.’
    • ‘In shutter-priority mode you choose the shutter speed and the camera selects an appropriate corresponding aperture.’


shutter speed

/ˈSHədər spēd//ˈʃədər spid/