Definition of shut your face (or mouth or trap)! in US English:

shut your face (or mouth or trap)!


  • Used as a rude or angry way of telling someone to be quiet.

    • ‘You don't know anything about him, so shut your mouth!’
    • ‘Just keep your eyes on the road and shut your mouth!’
    • ‘Chris, I'll be gone in an hour and you and your friends can yell as much as you want, now shut your mouth!’
    • ‘The operative is named Sam Fisher, and he is one bad mother (shut your mouth!).’
    • ‘This advice only confuses me - should I tell the plant or Paul to ‘shut your trap!’’
    • ‘Oh and one more thing, if anyone's the spoiled brat here it's you so shut your mouth!’
    • ‘On that note, this letter shows that when such opinions are published, we, the readers, will respond with a united ‘shut your mouth!’’
    • ‘John, for once in your life, shut your mouth!’
    • ‘I'm about to push you into the pool if you don't shut your mouth!’
    • ‘We're not getting the stuff all right, so just put on your seatbelt and shut your mouth!’