Definition of shut oneself off in US English:

shut oneself off

phrasal verb

  • Isolate oneself from other people.

    • ‘Hibernation is nature's way of shutting ourselves off as does growth a time to rest and recharge our energy.’
    • ‘Imagine the feelings that course through you as you brew your tea and anticipate the pleasure of shutting yourself off from the world for an afternoon.’
    • ‘She will shut herself off from the world around her, and stand for long periods flapping her hands.’
    • ‘I don't like it when people shut themselves off and keep others at arm's length.’
    • ‘He literally just sat here rocking, shutting himself off from the world really.’
    • ‘I'm not shutting myself off, I'm just taking a little time for myself.’
    • ‘The director of the York branch of the Samaritans, said that farmers were suffering high stress levels because they were shutting themselves off from the world in a bid to stop the disease spreading.’
    • ‘Australia's health minister said that the country of 20 million people would shut itself off from the rest of the world if a human flu pandemic breaks out.’
    • ‘In an age where it is too easy to shut ourselves off to the world, it is refreshing to see that the public won't allow the pre-emptive agenda of politicians get in the way of its priorities.’
    • ‘He struggled with alcohol and shut himself off to people.’