Definition of shut off (or shut something off) in US English:

shut off (or shut something off)

phrasal verb

  • 1(used especially in relation to water, electricity, or gas) stop (or cause something to stop) flowing.

    ‘he was about to shut off the power’
    • ‘If a bathtub or shower is leaking, it is necessary to shut the water off at the main water shut-off and call your professional plumber.’
    • ‘About half an hour after the original blast, the power had been shut off, knocking out the supply to about 60 town centre premises, including banks and shops.’
    • ‘When he was 30 metres away from the scene, the hydrant burst and he rushed to find a stop valve to shut the water off, which he managed to do after about ten minutes.’
    • ‘Well, the good news is, for me, my hot water has not been shut off, I still have my parking privileges so I'm grateful.’
    • ‘The first was that there was a fire on a train at Romford and the power had been shut off.’
    • ‘Monday I came home to a letter in my mailbox, advising all residents of my building that unless the water bill is paid in person by November 20th, the water will be shut off.’
    • ‘That's when it was determined - or somehow the electricity was shut off to the concert stage, and police officials announced that the crowd was immediately ordered to disperse.’
    • ‘I heard they bombed the power plant to black out the city, and that the water was shut off.’
    • ‘The room lights have been shut off so that the room is relatively dimly lit.’
    • ‘A fire in a sprinkler-equipped house is less likely to spread and cause the house to be an entire loss, but keep in mind that once a sprinkler starts spraying, it keeps spraying until the water is shut off.’
    1. 1.1 Stop (or cause to stop) working.
      ‘the engines shut off automatically’
      • ‘Our trucks have a mechanism that automatically shuts the engine off if it's idling over the limit.’
      • ‘As he shut the engine off, he heard a very loud scream.’
      • ‘Because the intake system of the manifold was running cool air, all Feazell's team had to worry about was the resident heat after the engine was shut off.’
      • ‘High quality heaters feature a tip-over safety switch, which automatically shuts the heater off if it should get knocked over.’
      • ‘The furnace is equipped with a safety feature which automatically shuts it off when it gets too hot.’
      • ‘An idle-stop function saves had by shutting the engine off during deceleration and when stopped, and regenerative braking supplies electricity to recharge the battery or to run the vehicle electric-only.’
      • ‘Darrius shut the engine off and leaned on the steering wheel, taking a good look at Prudence.’
      • ‘Then the job is done, and the generator engine is shut off, reluctantly, slowly it cranks down.’
      • ‘So you can save fuel by shutting off your engine.’
      • ‘She pulled into her driveway and shut the engine off.’
    2. 1.2shut something off Block the entrances and exits of something.
      ‘the six compartments were being shut off from each other’
      • ‘Both the rear door and two side entrances were shut off from the outside world by neck-high wooden swing-doors.’
      • ‘The new three-storey building is specially designed so parts of it can be shut off for community use in the evenings and weekends.’
      • ‘Visitors have noted, with exasperation and frustration, that their gateways can be shut off by illegal street parking.’
      • ‘The exit and most of the room was shut off by a massive pile of metal and concrete.’
      • ‘The girl reaches up above her head, pulls down the metal blind that shuts the bar off from the rest of the room and locks it in place with the padlock.’
      • ‘Firefighters had problems getting to the basement because of the way it had been shut off from the rest of the house.’
      • ‘The justly celebrated Rijksmuseum is still undergoing renovations, so most of it is shut off, with just a small collection of Dutch Old Masters available for viewing.’
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