Definition of Shuswap in US English:


nounPlural Shuswaps

  • 1A member of an indigenous people of southern British Columbia.

    • ‘It separates two great cultures of North American Indians: the Kootenays and Shuswaps to the west, and the Stoney and Blackfoot tribes to the east.’
    • ‘In the 1800's this area was inhabited by a semi-nomadic Indian group called the Shuswaps.’
    • ‘She said to me, ‘My mom is part Shuswap and my dad is part Shuswap.’’
    • ‘They stole up the mountain behind the Shuswap, attacked and forced the Shuswaps over the bluff, killing most.’
    • ‘The Shuswaps are related to other Salish tribes, all of whom could organize themselves into a confederation of Indian nations.’
  • 2The Salishan language of the Shuswap.

    • ‘There is however at least one language that does have words beginning with the letters < cq >, namely Secwepmectsín, known in English as Shuswap.’


  • Relating to the Shuswap or their language.

    • ‘Some time later, the Kutenai and Shuswap First Nations made their home in the valley.’
    • ‘Other causes to which he was attracted were those of the Lil'Wat Nation and the Shuswap activists involved in the armed standoff at Gustafsen Lake.’
    • ‘Because Manuel's Shuswap community suffers from 80 percent unemployment and public benefits average only $165 a month, it must depend on hunting, fishing and other forms of traditional land use for day-to-day survival.’
    • ‘I think she should be justifiably proud of her Shuswap heritage.’
    • ‘In case you're wondering, < x > in Shuswap spelling represents the voiceless uvular fricative.’


The name in Shuswap.