Definition of shrubbery in US English:



  • 1Shrubs collectively.

    • ‘The trees and shrubbery grew denser as I headed deeper into the forest.’
    • ‘We start our vigil crouched between miserably cold boulders, invisible save for a few tiny peepholes in dense shrubbery.’
    • ‘If it is dense enough, shrubbery can provide a home to ground-nesting birds such as doves and thrushes as well as small mammals like rabbits.’
    • ‘I can create living walls for garden rooms and fill huge spaces that would otherwise have been lawn with shrubbery.’
    • ‘I froze a moment and then ducked into some nearby shrubbery.’
    • ‘The site included maintained lawns, native shrubbery, glass-houses, and outbuildings and is host to a large population of redbacks.’
    • ‘Fiona was lodged between the building and James, her left shoulder buried in the dirt while musty shrubbery hovered precariously above her.’
    • ‘The object reportedly left behind some irregularly-spaced indentations in the ground, and scorched shrubbery.’
    • ‘Van der Beesen's gray mustache is, like Dutch shrubbery, both voluminous and perfectly tidy.’
    • ‘Crawling through some shrubbery and finding yourself face to face with a Vietnamese soldier induces fear.’
    • ‘He could only assume that such shrubbery was meant to conceal the entrance into the cave, so it only made sense to feel around along the face of the cliff.’
    • ‘The gardens to the front and rear are well maintained with plenty of mature shrubbery and a greenhouse.’
    • ‘The night wind howled, whipping at tree branches and shrubbery.’
    • ‘Amid the shallow valley trees and tangled, sickly shrubbery was a massive boulder that had in ages past been cast down from a nearby rocky mount.’
    • ‘There in front of the ever-present conifer shrubbery, I worked a bag of composted cow manure into the ground.’
    • ‘Next to the house was shrubbery, always trimmed, never too short or too long, always perfect.’
    • ‘Vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and I think the seedlings for a small hedge so that Minerva could line her walkway with shrubbery.’
    • ‘Protection from afternoon sun may also be given by fences, shrubbery or screens.’
    • ‘Care should be taken when designing roses into the landscape which are next to solid structures like fences, buildings or even large, dense shrubbery.’
    • ‘The same dense shrubbery, tall trees, and grasses that shelter passing wildlife also provide nesting places for a variety of creatures.’
    1. 1.1 An area planted with shrubs.
      • ‘Low shrubbery, especially berry bushes that also provide a food source, makes an effective shelter.’
      • ‘The garden and the small shrubberies to the front are attractive.’
      • ‘The garden is split level with a paved area, a well manicured lawn and a shrubbery with water feature.’
      • ‘Grottos and ruins gave gardens a visual impact while ornamental shrubberies appealed to the emerging middle class.’
      • ‘It was a very very large garden, with seats, and water features and shrubberies littered around it.’
      • ‘Specimens grown as trees in a shrubbery or semi-wild garden can be left to grow as they want, with branches removed only when access is required or they are dead or diseased.’
      • ‘The developers have included water features, seating area and shrubberies in the landscaped gardens which surround the scheme.’
      • ‘There is side access to the rear garden, which includes a decked patio area, border shrubbery and a lawn as well as a small shed.’
      • ‘Mother was a very keen gardener and under her supervision we grew all our own vegetables and looked after the flower garden and shrubbery.’
      • ‘He started walking toward the light shrubbery surrounding the area.’
      • ‘Cleanliness and trash pickup are ongoing maintenance jobs, as is the upkeep of public gardens, shrubbery and flowers.’
      • ‘The shrubbery replaced a hard area and was designed to prevent accidents at a blind corner where the city wall meets South Esplanade.’
      • ‘Eighteen private gardens at Wilmslow are being thrown open to the public tomorrow, offering a rare glimpse of beautiful herbaceous borders, shrubberies, water features, - and even a working steam railway!’
      • ‘On the side away from the water, parklike characteristics continue, interspersed by well planted shrubberies, a small pond with stepping stones, and a leafy stream flowing out into the lake.’
      • ‘To the front and rear of the house are lawns and shrubberies, but the grounds also contain two acres of young trees, a wildlife pond, mature woodland and banks of rhododendrons.’
      • ‘With a little shrubbery or plants, such fences can provide very attractive barriers along property lines.’
      • ‘The 97-foot rear garden is in lawn, with flowering plants and shrubbery.’
      • ‘Mature lawns surround Lakefield House while the manageable garden also features a shrubbery and rockeries as well as the two patio areas.’
      • ‘The trim roadside lawns with shrubberies and annuals both here and on the approach to Cork give a most optimistic expectation of what the town has to offer.’
      • ‘I caught sight of the familiar shrubbery and gardens, and even the shape of a monumental manor.’
      bush, woody plant
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