Definition of shrink-wrap in US English:



[with object]
  • Package (an article) by enclosing it in clinging transparent plastic film that shrinks tightly on to it.

    ‘they carefully padded and shrink-wrapped the wood furniture’
    • ‘The Italian translation of the North book turned up on Friday, a satisfying box of copies, shrink-wrapped like supermarket vegetables.’
    • ‘The idle marinas are dotted with scores of boats all shrink-wrapped and protected from the winter, but only for a couple of weeks more.’
    • ‘Each of his bats arrives from Japan, shrink-wrapped to keep out moisture.’
    • ‘I'm talking about that single serving shrink-wrapped cheese that comes on hospital trays, about the size and shape of two pats of butter side by side, and containing roughly the same fat content.’
    • ‘A cliffhanger, in that we won't learn until next fall which member of the unit needs shrink-wrapping.’
    • ‘You may spot shrink-wrapped packets of baby asparagus on the supermarket shelves and be tempted to use them, but they lack the full flavour of the standard sizes.’
    • ‘A small, field-deployable unit vacuum shrink-wraps the items and wraps them in a thin but high-tensile-strength Kevlar expendable harness.’
    • ‘A poll published today finds that bottle tops, jars, shrink-wrapped cheese and ring-pull cans presented the biggest difficulties for older people to open.’
    • ‘It was still in its original packaging and many of the bits and pieces that went with it were still shrink-wrapped (or should that be shrunk-wrapped).’
    • ‘Ms. Gursky's collection arrived in mid-September packed in 25 boxes, shrink-wrapped on a pallet and weighing nearly 700 pounds.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the company shrink-wrapping luggage in plastic is doing a roaring trade.’
    • ‘Do I really need to point out the idiocy of shrink-wrapping our houses?’
    • ‘For among all the junk food, shrink-wrapped pizza, microwave meals and mechanically recovered meat, I believe good, wholesome food is still to be found.’
    • ‘Ideally, you should see another seal on the outside of the container, shrink-wrapped to cover the entire cap.’
    • ‘I spent a good amount of time just taking out game boxes and pawing through the contents, amazed to hold and look through games that didn't come shrink-wrapped and at personal expense.’
    • ‘Because the separately shrink-wrapped copy of the two-disc set included in this box still had stickers on it for promotional offers that expired a year ago.’
    • ‘Hay shipped from Ellensburg is compressed, shrink-wrapped and loaded into 40-foot shipping containers.’
    • ‘Not all breakthroughs, they stress, will catch on: there may be a limited market for that new American delicacy, shrink-wrapped slices of bread covered in peanut butter and jam.’
    • ‘A do-it-yourself shrink-wrapping system, made by Dr. Shrink, enables you to wrap your own boat with professional results.’
    • ‘He was bounding towards us dragging a long box, still shrink-wrapped.’


  • Clinging transparent plastic film used to enclose an article as packaging.

    • ‘According to the sticker on the shrink-wrap of this CD, if you like AFI, the Used and Muse, you'll like The Black Maria.’
    • ‘They've obviously come from a distributor or a shop because they're still in shrink-wrap.’
    • ‘Using containers to move sustainment cargo provides significant benefits over alternatives such as breakbulk pallets, cargo nets, and plastic shrink-wrap.’
    • ‘Michael Jackson and Madonna, the king and queen of pop, stared out from behind cellophane shrink-wrap.’
    • ‘Records that had expanded, melted, contracted, and been squished by liquefying shrink-wrap were for sale and lined up on the cement floor.’
    • ‘Here they give AV-whizzes Hexstatic almost 60 minutes in which to mutate musical history and, jeebus, the selections alone tantalize before the shrink-wrap is even off…’
    • ‘In fact, it even described how the body was wrapped in some kind of shrink-wrap paper.’
    • ‘The reasons, Citrix said, were that the company was moving from shrink-wrap to licensing, but had discovered it took longer to close licensing sales, resulting in revenue coming in more slowly.’
    • ‘Today we were in one of several indistinguishable big-box office-supply stores, stocking up on shrink-wrap and telephones.’
    • ‘When I opened the package it was nice to see a sticker on the shrink-wrap saying how the band has changed their name.’
    • ‘Any iPod buyer knows they come shrink-wrapped, so either the ants chewed through the plastic in the airport in Fiji, or got on board before the shrink-wrap came on, during manufacture in the Far East.’
    • ‘Remove plastic shrink-wraps from containers and properly dispose of them (glued-on paper labels can stay on the container).’
    • ‘He enclosed about 70 percent of the tube in shrink-wrap plastic.’
    • ‘She watched as three more workers lent a hand and got the grand piano off of the platform dolly and removed the layers of bubble wrap and shrink-wrap.’
    • ‘It was found in a used bin still in its shrink-wrap!’
    • ‘I was first attracted to this CD by the label on the shrink-wrap that declared the contents to be something like ‘Japanese-digi-hardcore-punk music.’’
    • ‘Banding is cheaper because shrink-wrap machines not only take up a lot of space but they provide a lot of waste, too.’
    • ‘To neatly shrink-wrap stale material doesn't entitle one to label it fresh.’
    • ‘He was also trusted with the valuable shrink-wrap machine, a hefty responsibility for any man.’
    • ‘Then, each fall, you'll use an Installation Kit and rolls of shrink-wrap sized for your boat (it is available in lengths for boats between 24 and 38 feet).’