Definition of shrievalty in US English:



  • The office, jurisdiction, or tenure of a sheriff.

    • ‘The generalisation of a contemporary writer was that, ‘everything was for sale, powers, lordships, earldoms, shrievalties, castles, towns, manors, and suchlike’ was indeed not far from the truth.’
    • ‘This connection ensured that Stephen received a number of important, and lucrative, appointments, and Lancashire was simply one of a number of shrievalties he held at the same time.’
    • ‘Philip's conduct of his shrievalty included robbery, false arrest and persistent attacks on local landed interests, both secular and ecclesiastical…’
    • ‘Moreover, the combined salaries of the three wardens or lieutenants was now less than £400 per annum, and much of this was recouped by reviving the ancient practice of farming the shrievalties.’
    • ‘It was ordained by 28 Edward I that the people shall have election of sheriff in every shire where the shrievalty is not of inheritance.’