Definition of shrewishly in US English:



  • See shrewish

    • ‘Mary is brittle and bright, using her feminine wiles to get her way and being shrewishly clever to advance her agendas.’
    • ‘Easily half this movie's running time is going to be devoted to the two of them either bickering shrewishly or falling implausibly in love.’
    • ‘She does an admirable job of going from ecstatically happy to shrewishly miserable, from being a loving daughter to a hateful sister.’
    • ‘He is very well-favoured and he speaks very shrewishly; one would think his mother's milk were scarce out of him.’
    • ‘Marie's voice rose shrewishly, riding the high waves of the baby's incessant outcry against the restrictions upon appetite imposed by enlightened motherhood.’
    • ‘One could see that he felt oppressed by the shrewishly seductive manipulations of Anna, a widow who recklessly inspired a romance between one of the king's countless concubines and a shirtless youth.’