Definition of showcase in US English:



  • 1A glass case used for displaying articles in a store or museum.

    • ‘The three women, aged between 27 and 36, were all arrested for the attempted theft of diamonds from display showcases.’
    • ‘Cartier commissioned avant-garde Italian architect Ettore Sottsass to curate the exhibit and design the showcases.’
    • ‘New models are displayed in one showcase, and rental guns are offered in another.’
    • ‘The latter exhibition has several bright showcases containing minerals of various colors with explanations of the structural and chemical causes of these colors.’
    • ‘Goldsmiths' works, jewellery, manuscripts were all displayed in showcases resembling shop windows.’
    • ‘The first one I saw displayed in a gun shop showcase drew customers like bears to honey.’
    • ‘Through a parlour scented with incense, I stepped towards beautifully lit showcases, displaying collections of stainless steel and titanium jewellery.’
    • ‘Over quite a few years I have tested a number of Baer pistols and examined dozens more belonging to friends, or which were found in gun shop showcases.’
    • ‘Last week, it opened to the public a showcase of selected art works acquired for its permanent collection during 2003.’
    • ‘Down some wooden steps, I find a semi-basement room packed with tables, clothes racks and wooden-framed showcases.’
    • ‘Along with the Indian designers, FWA this year will exhibit the showcases by designers from the U.S., Latin America and Europe.’
    • ‘The hall is offering local collectors a unique opportunity to show off their treasures at three showcases at the museum for up to a month.’
    • ‘Growing stacks of finished bowls in the showcase added to the enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Guiding a group of visitors in the exhibition house, Torihama suddenly stopped at a showcase that displays relics of the pilots.’
    • ‘Over 500 original documents dating back to the 18th century are displayed in showcases.’
    • ‘Later, the staff enjoyed seeing their sand castings displayed in a special showcase.’
    • ‘Plans are now under way to install specially designed showcases to display all the memorabilia to the public.’
    • ‘It is shipped after the buyer collects his or her Corvette from its showcase in the museum.’
    • ‘It will not be a conventional museum, with showcases of objects, said Mr Johnson.’
    • ‘The Sanjukta Panigrahi Showcase was the first showcase of the evening.’
    display, public display, show, showing, presentation, demonstration, mounting, spectacle
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    1. 1.1 A place or occasion for presenting something favorably to general attention.
      ‘the gallery will provide a showcase for Atlanta's young photographers’
      • ‘The exhibition of the best entries was a powerful showcase for photography.’
      • ‘Rocky Mountain National Park is a living showcase of the spectacular Rocky Mountains.’
      • ‘Because of its central location, the renovated Sherman Field is a showcase for recruiting.’
      • ‘Instead of igniting public interest in technology and industry, the museum had become a style showcase, he said.’
      • ‘It is a minor quibble, which I only suggest because of the disc's focus on the film as a showcase for Wong and her place in cinema.’
      • ‘The display showcases work by some of Britain's leading outdoor photographers and writers - who are all dedicated and passionate about their work.’
      • ‘The partners had expected the shop to do modest business while also providing a public showcase for the practice.’
      • ‘Many other artists, however, used the gallery space as a showcase for previously executed work.’
      • ‘The work on display was a showcase of some of the work that is taking place in the MDA on a daily basis.’
      • ‘Killinaskully is essentially a showcase for Pat Shortt, a gifted clown with an uncanny flair for playing manic rural grotesques.’
      • ‘The only trouble was, this was starting to turn into a showcase for Virgin Trains rather than tourism in York.’
      • ‘Agricultural shows have always been a showcase or shop window for the agricultural industry and they will remain so at least in the short term.’
      • ‘The first album was a showcase for their extraordinary, perceptive take on music in general.’
      • ‘‘It's a showcase for all farmers in the area and it's great that the public can come and be involved,’ he said.’
      • ‘Still, for a good 45 minutes, Demonstration is a remarkable showcase of the possibilities of millennial pop.’
      • ‘The festival's ambition - to become a showcase for world cinema - is equally grand.’
      • ‘The Chelsea art scene functions as a showcase for international artists and recent trends.’
      • ‘Yet it is a fascinating museum and showcase of video games, which the enthusiast will greatly enjoy.’
      • ‘Bill Atkinson's web site is a showcase for some spectacular nature photography.’
      • ‘Orders have been received from Thailand where the vehicles will be used as a showcase for the Indian and Chinese market.’


[with object]
  • Exhibit; display.

    ‘the albums showcase his production skills’
    • ‘The exhibit showcases Feld's digital photographic technique and includes a new series of limited-edition releases depicting wildlife, landscapes and the human form.’
    • ‘Michael Hickling talks to Terry Logan about Calendar Girls and a new exhibition showcasing another aspect of his art.’
    • ‘In line with this was the craft exhibition tent which showcased craftwork from each district in the province.’
    • ‘The exhibit showcases decorated manuscripts and features 13 new acquisitions in addition to selected pieces from the Getty collection of illuminated manuscripts.’
    • ‘The fashion show will be a daily event with local and Bangalore models showcasing their ramp skills.’
    • ‘The crowd will be treated to songs from his album Dreaming Road, showcasing his song writing talents.’
    • ‘The exhibition showcases more than 40 ceramic sculptures made in the western region of Mexico more than 2,000 years ago.’
    • ‘Tracks from the album will undoubtedly be showcased at the band's Manchester show.’
    • ‘Helping to kick off Sydney Design Week, this exhibition showcases more than 150 pieces of silver produced by Italian studios in recent years.’
    • ‘Decor Expo also showcases art companies as well as posters, limited editions and original art.’
    • ‘The event will in fact be launched in November of this year on a smaller scale showcasing only Quebec productions.’
    • ‘Previously unseen drawings by John Lennon are on public view from today in a new exhibition showcasing his talents as an artist.’
    • ‘Indian Railways will present a display showcasing its achievements in the past 150 years.’
    • ‘The catalog showcases approximately 70 objects from the museum's collection of roughly 500 Chinese textiles.’
    • ‘The exhibition, Bloke Art, showcases works by 20 male artists from throughout the north coast in a variety of mediums, from paintings and drawings to sculptures made from steel, brass and wood.’
    • ‘One of the best features of every auto show is the concept vehicles each automaker showcases to the public.’
    • ‘The exhibition is showcasing revolutionary technology in the Indian apparel industry.’
    • ‘Overall, the exhibit nicely showcased the innovation and technical aptitude of the students.’
    • ‘The Delhi exhibition showcases 125 of his works, including the record winning ‘pagri’.’
    • ‘The exhibition showcases over 200 textiles demonstrating the rich and multi-layered communication between the two great Asian cultures.’
    put on display, put on show, display, show, show to the public, put on public view, present, unveil, model, parade, showcase
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