Definition of show window in US English:

show window


  • A store window looking onto a street, used for exhibiting goods.

    • ‘The Eastman Kodak Company happened upon Parks' first photographs and began displaying them in company show windows.’
    • ‘It is a time when there is much in the show window and nothing in the stockroom.’
    • ‘Around the corner she stopped at the show window which featured a beautiful Jaguar sports car.’
    • ‘The delightful Keerthi Reddy, the famous actress, inaugurated the show window on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Symbols depicting the elusive Easter bunny and great tasting chocolate eggs are now widely used in show windows.’
    • ‘The tusk of an African elephant adorns the show window of a handicraft shop, waiting to be sold for an exorbitant sum whereas the hides of animals would be in a boutique in Paris, to drape the rich and famous.’
    • ‘Has anyone ever given a thought why the puffed rice or any other white colored eatable looks so dazzling white and bright, and attractive on the show windows of a sweetmeat shop?’
    • ‘Browsing in New York last May, there was a huge advertisement in the show window of a Brooklyn store, boasting its stock of the latest top 40 hits.’
    • ‘Wanamaker's was known for its stained-glass windows, elaborate store displays, and spectacles including organ concerts, pageants, and storybook characters in show windows.’
    • ‘You could buy expensive handmade footwear from the Chinese shoemaker at the corner of Rest House Crescent Road, and gawk at the guitars and saxophones in the show window of Premson's.’


show window

/SHō ˈwindō/