Definition of show through in US English:

show through

phrasal verb

  • (of one's real feelings) be revealed inadvertently.

    • ‘Tiga's innate passion for music shows through on this mix, which avoids obvious selections and instead concentrates on building atmosphere and energy over its 70 minutes.’
    • ‘The determination of these people shows through despite the emotional turmoil to which the government is subjecting them.’
    • ‘Alan, your bias and your prejudice show through, and you're letting them affect your professional opinion.’
    • ‘Mr McDonald added: ‘The quality and commitment of our staff shows through.’’
    • ‘She's been entertaining me all day, albeit with a streak of anger showing through here or there.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's my depression showing through, thus reinforcing my depression in a vicious cycle.’
    • ‘Leftists everywhere always claim to be on the side of ‘the little guy’ but every so often their real contempt for the little guy shows through.’
    • ‘His interest in history shows through in a lot of his writing.’
    • ‘You have a deep, artistic, and creative side which shows through, a love for music and literature.’
    • ‘‘Brother Linus has a great feel for the parish and the people of the parish and that shows through in the book,’ the bishop added.’