Definition of show the way in US English:

show the way


  • 1Indicate the direction to be followed to a particular place.

    • ‘‘It will have a map specific to that area, showing the way to the nearest public toilet,’ she says.’
    • ‘They are accompanied by a dumb person who carries their belongings and a guide who shows the way.’
    1. 1.1 Indicate what can or should be done by doing it first.
      ‘Morgan showed the way by becoming Deputy Governor of Jamaica’
      • ‘They should be showing the way with a fortnight in Clacton-on-Sea instead of clocking up the air miles on the unforgivable, a twin-destination break in the Caribbean and Tuscany.’
      • ‘Social housing is showing the way, with projects exceeding current building regulations in terms of sustainability.’
      • ‘The work of pioneers like Dr Stephen Scott and Dr Carole Sutton shows the way ahead.’
      • ‘He showed the way out of our despair and gave us the emotional armour to get up every day and get on with our lives.’
      • ‘He shows the way to healthier eating habits by a slight modification of the traditional Indian diet.’
      • ‘By bringing together some of the most influential people in the sector to discuss these issues, Scotland is showing the way forward.’
      • ‘China is showing the way by taking all the tough decisions that an overpopulated nation has to make when it has an underdeveloped economy.’
      • ‘A captain who leads by example is showing the way by backing the right men.’
      • ‘Waitakere City shows the way to a ‘greener life’ by introducing eco-friendly initiatives throughout the region.’
      • ‘The government of Uganda once again shows the way forward in the fight against AIDS.’