Definition of show biz in US English:

show biz


  • short for show business
    • ‘Here is a fairy-tale showbiz story that's almost too corny to be true.’
    • ‘Is showbiz's obsession with youth the only reason why getting old frightens her?’
    • ‘Second, I am delighted that the name has a wider resonance in the showbiz and literary world.’
    • ‘Milind is not stuck with the showbiz world and is aware of the murky happenings in the society around.’
    • ‘It is not as if they court the showbiz lifestyle at the moment.’
    • ‘History has opened our eyes to the lust, crime and stupidity that lurked behind the glittering showbiz veneer.’
    • ‘At the time she was given her showbiz nickname she was relatively well-off; now she is simply rich.’
    • ‘For a showbiz child, he seems surprisingly at peace with his parents.’
    • ‘The years roll by and each takes its toll bringing with it some well known names from the showbiz scene.’
    • ‘He chats about an enduring showbiz career, and tells how the first song he ever wrote was his biggest hit.’
    • ‘The 25-year old from Moss Side is making it big behind the camera in the showbiz capital of the world.’
    • ‘At the very least it could be a way back into showbiz for Michael Barrymore.’
    • ‘Yet it's her showbiz background that accounts for much of her toughness.’
    • ‘The glamorous showbiz star has a huge cocaine addiction and it was starting to affect her work’
    • ‘From Vegas, it was on to L.A. for friends, shopping and a few showbiz happenings.’
    • ‘This is where desperate immigrants, former showbiz stars and ancient juvenile delinquents seek asylum.’
    • ‘It has a quiet strength and integrity, not a lot of noisy showbiz pizazz.’
    • ‘But time is precious for these football and showbiz stars and business high-flyers.’
    • ‘For the thousands who queued up in the freezing cold there was only one word to describe the showbiz bash of the year - hot.’
    • ‘So says Shawn Levy in his book on the Sinatra-led showbiz clan known as the Rat Pack.’


show biz