Definition of shovel-ready in English:



  • (of a building project) at the stage where workers can be employed and construction can begin.

    ‘one of the goals of this bill is to get funding into infrastructure projects that are shovel-ready’
    • ‘Many of the tasks that lie ahead are easily identified, and some are "shovel-ready," awaiting only an infusion of federal energy and money.’
    • ‘The Obama administration has said the point of the stimulus is to inject money into the economy right away so the White House has been in search of those shovel-ready projects.’
    • ‘Small business related to the construction industry will be able to bid and get contracts for projects that are "shovel-ready."’
    • ‘We have about $7.5 billion in shovel-ready projects where the environmental work has been done, where the engineering has been done, the architectural has been done.’
    • ‘After all that talk of shovel-ready projects, the Congressional Budget Office says only about three percent of the $787 billion recovery plan has actually been spent so far.’
    • ‘Highway maintenance work provides the 'shovel-ready' projects the Government is looking for to stimulate the economy with almost immediate effect.’
    • ‘We've got shovel-ready projects all across the country.’
    • ‘The good news for hospitals limping along in the recession is the new federal stimulus package could feature money for shovel-ready projects.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, today's New York Times reports that France's stimulus focused on "shovel-ready" projects, many of which are well underway already.’
    • ‘But as we found at this bridge in rural Pennsylvania, shovel-ready doesn't necessarily mean ready for shovels.’
    • ‘If you talk about shovel-ready infrastructure, that kind of spending from the recovery plan is getting out into the system as we speak.’
    • ‘These are long-term investments and they are shovel-ready.’
    • ‘There are only three ways the government can obtain funds to throw at all their shovel-ready projects and all three leave in their wake negative economic consequences.’
    • ‘Of that, $187.4 million was designated for shovel-ready projects that all went out to bid last month.’
    • ‘For instance, a regional plan to ease Westchester traffic, particularly near communities along the Hudson River, is nowhere near being shovel-ready in time to receive federal dollars, he said.’
    • ‘But a spokesperson for the department tells us they don't officially use the term shovel-ready.’
    • ‘Karydakis is warning Americans not to expect immediate results from spending on infrastructure and says those shovel-ready projects are limited.’
    • ‘The state "has an incredible number of shovel-ready projects that can use these stimulus project funds," said Duggan.’
    • ‘Long before Obama's stimulus, this city was already America's largest shovel-ready project.’