Definition of shouting match in US English:

shouting match


  • A loud quarrel.

    ‘he had to be pulled away from the stands after getting into a shouting match with a fan’
    • ‘They haven't got on well as neighbours and there are shouting matches between the families.’
    • ‘That possibility came to an end at the June 10 council meeting during a debate which started out politely, became lively and ended up in a shouting match.’
    • ‘Fistfights and shouting matches occur at some political rallies.’
    • ‘The debate at times descended into shouting matches.’
    • ‘That sounds awfully like a shouting match or mindless argument to me.’
    • ‘After a competent first act, the second degenerates into a shouting match, with volume replacing emotional complexity.’
    • ‘Too bad our disagreement ended in a shouting match.’
    • ‘During a meeting, the three got into a shouting match that ended with Bell yelling, ‘Shut up!’’
    • ‘Rather than getting into a shouting match, he recommends taking three deep breaths, changing your environment or making your point assertively but calmly.’
    • ‘What would a friendship be without the occasional disagreements and shouting matches?’
    • ‘Having survived my own parents' divorce - when I was seven - I know divorce is not ideal, but it's not as bad as violent shouting matches or intolerable behaviour.’
    • ‘The Manchester-based magazine's stance follows a series of embarrassing fights, shouting matches and unruly behaviour at several events.’
    • ‘Kim couldn't stand the silence; it was worse then the loudest shouting match ever.’
    • ‘One 1841 neighborly argument degenerated into a shouting match that led to four suits being brought before the Norwich ecclesiastical court.’
    • ‘While attendees voiced their concerns and confronted the bishops with some pretty pointed questions, the meeting never devolved into a shouting match.’
    • ‘In Sacramento earlier this week, caravan participants got into a shouting match with antiwar activists.’
    • ‘Their arguments lead to shouting matches of epic proportions.’
    • ‘I don't know what the original motion said, but apparently it was ‘watered down significantly’ as a result of the shouting match.’
    • ‘In one particularly odd scene, Claire is nearly disabled by a hangover, which miraculously disappears when a shouting match breaks out.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the dialogue may be a shouting match.’
    argument, row, fight, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension, falling-out
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shouting match

/ˈSHoudiNG ˌmaCH//ˈʃaʊdɪŋ ˌmætʃ/