Definition of shouldered in US English:



  • in combination (of a person or garment) having shoulders of a specified kind.

    ‘you're extremely narrow-shouldered’
    ‘for a slim look, try skinny-shouldered jackets’
    • ‘A bare-shouldered woman lolls insouciantly on the cover of the magazine.’
    • ‘At the primary school I taught colours and body parts by getting the kids to draw three red-headed and two green-shouldered monsters.’
    • ‘There are long shots of a round-shouldered, perpetually scowling artist trudging along a street.’
    • ‘They hold to vigilance, rather than promoting slopey-shouldered sleepiness.’
    • ‘I looked up at the fountain with its carving of heavy-shouldered wind gods straining to propel ships and bearded sea gods looking to spear them.’
    • ‘Although he no longer played football, he was still muscular and wide-shouldered.’
    • ‘It is a pragmatic, strong-shouldered individual who excels in the art of compromise and is resourceful and dedicated to the pursuit of resources.’
    • ‘He was thick-shouldered, square-headed, and handsome like a movie star.’
    • ‘Big-bellied and slope-shouldered, he is suspended delicately in mid-air, his hands clasped patiently behind his back, his twin shadowing him close behind.’
    • ‘A lone black-shouldered kite watches from a telephone wire.’