Definition of shoulder season in US English:

shoulder season

(also shoulder period)


  • A travel period between peak and off-peak seasons.

    • ‘It seems to have been a decent year, but it remains to be seen what international developments may do to our fall shoulder season.’
    • ‘Even if you depart in the spring shoulder season and return in the summer peak season, you will pay shoulder-season prices.’
    • ‘At the time of the survey, Fremantle station provided regular trains to Perth Central station every 10 minutes in peak periods, 18 minutes in the shoulder period and 25 minutes off peak.’
    • ‘The idea was hatched when interested bodies in the local tourism sector decided to look at what added festival activities, Westport could offer the outside world during the shoulder period of the tourist season.’
    • ‘These study visits took place in the shoulder season directly benefiting tourism providers in the region.’
    • ‘The main objective of having such a festival is to extend the shoulder season, which, will have significant positive financial impact on the local economy and further enhance Westport as a Quality Destination.’
    • ‘Improving tourism and increasing related employment opportunities will depend upon maintaining the transportation infrastructure, expanding shoulder seasons, and providing more quality accommodations.’
    • ‘Rates are based on double occupancy; ask about discounts for shoulder season (June, October).’
    • ‘Beyond saving significantly on your accommodations and airfare when you travel in the off and shoulder seasons, there are other ways you can save on your Kauai vacation as well.’
    • ‘This was announced earlier, but council has decided that closing off streets in the middle of the summer would be a bad idea, so the date for the project has been pushed into the shoulder season.’
    • ‘Try to make a reservation for the low season (through the end of March) or the shoulder season (through the first week in May) for the cheapest fare.’
    • ‘Sorak San itself is as beautiful as any place I've ever seen, although even in the shoulder season, it's mobbed by huge crowds.’
    • ‘Come October and November, temperatures and the number of daylight hours drop quite a bit, so traveling earlier in the shoulder season is preferable.’
    • ‘Houseboat rentals on Shasta Lake start at about $1,050 and range up to $2,250 for peak summer season; they cost less in shoulder season.’