Definition of shoulder holster in US English:

shoulder holster


  • A gun holster worn under the armpit.

    • ‘‘Wow sure looks quiet,’ Sheldon said tucking her gun into her hidden shoulder holster.’
    • ‘‘Caleb I haven't even found him yet,’ Sheldon said packing her gun into her shoulder holster.’
    • ‘She yanked the gun from its resting place in her shoulder holster and firmly gripped it with her bloody hands.’
    • ‘He slid it into the shoulder holster under his right armpit.’
    • ‘Aruna pulled out a small pistol from a shoulder holster.’
    • ‘He found a small handgun concealed in a shoulder holster.’
    • ‘Throwing on his black loafers he grabbed his shoulder holster from the hanger.’
    • ‘When going with a shoulder holster, I use the same suspenders.’
    • ‘I grabbed my coat and slipped on my shoulder holster and headed out.’
    • ‘Danko reached into his shoulder holster under his jacket and pulled out a gun.’
    • ‘Duvall dropped back behind the chair and struggled to yank his small pistol from its shoulder holster.’
    • ‘People in his home town of Broome never messed with Murdoch, who was known to carry a gun in a concealed shoulder holster.’
    • ‘Under his coat, there was an empty shoulder holster.’
    • ‘If you need to access your sidearm while sitting (for drivers or pilots), a cross-draw holster or a vertical shoulder holster is better.’
    • ‘He pulled his revolver out of the shoulder holster.’
    • ‘This is a true shoulder holster in that it rides under the armpit.’
    • ‘He hitched up his gunbelt, checked the Colt in his shoulder holster, and reloaded his carbine.’
    • ‘A quick glance over his shoulder gave Sam a fright; Armand was struggling to pull a handgun from his shoulder holster.’
    • ‘The leather strap of her shoulder holster had been oiled.’
    • ‘She pulled the gun from her shoulder holster but paused.’


shoulder holster

/ˈSHōldər ˌhōlstər/