Definition of shotgun in English:



  • 1A smoothbore gun for firing small shot at short range.

    • ‘The suspected burglar fled the farm but was later discovered nearby with a minor wound in his leg caused by shotgun pellets.’
    • ‘He reloaded his shotgun to fire the second shot.’
    • ‘Few firearms are as visually intimidating as a double-barreled shotgun.’
    • ‘Security guards were robbed at gunpoint by raiders wielding a sawn-off shotgun and a pistol.’
    • ‘If you're using a shotgun at short range you'll generally score a hit, but with a handgun at long range you end up wasting ammo more than anything else.’
    • ‘One thug brandishing a shotgun kept watch while the other three, armed with a machete and an iron bar, rushed inside and grabbed hundreds of Rolex, Omega and Cartier watches.’
    • ‘Kimmitt said troops at the scene found a variety of weapons, including shotguns, handguns, rifles and machine guns.’
    • ‘Did anyone check to see if the shotgun was loaded?’
    • ‘Two firearms, a shotgun and a rifle, were confiscated at the scene.’
    • ‘With the advent of the self-contained cartridge, repeating rifles, shotguns and handguns replaced single shots.’
    • ‘Final returns are still being evaluated, but the haul includes hand guns, rifles, shotguns, air guns and imitation firearms.’
    • ‘In the first week of the amnesty, eight weapons were surrendered to Bolton police, including a rifle, a shotgun, three air rifles, two air pistols and an imitation gun.’
    • ‘Spent shotgun cartridges have been recovered from the scene.’
    • ‘He was captured with an assault rifle, a shotgun, and two pistols.’
  • 2North American informal The front passenger seat in a vehicle.

    ‘Katherine sits in shotgun and gives Maria directions’
    as modifier ‘all the back benches in the shuttle were full when I arrived, so I took the shotgun seat’
    • ‘If I was pitching that day, my warmup would generally consist of throwing someone's socks to the shotgun seat from the back.’
    • ‘I told him to strap himself in and then slid into the driver's seat as Nana took shotgun.’
    • ‘I can only imagine that when Zack takes his friends places, he gets both the driver's seat and shotgun.’
    • ‘The car's driver and shotgun seats are all manually controlled, which is to be expected in an all electric vehicle.’
    • ‘Juan takes shotgun and is supposed to be in charge of the tunes while making sure I don't get lost.’
    • ‘I had a '60 Ford Galaxie back in the 60s that had a rust hole behind the "shotgun" seat.’
    1. 2.1as exclamation Used to claim the right to sit in the front passenger seat of a vehicle on a particular journey.
      ‘‘Shotgun!’ she yelled and tossed the keys to Veronica’
      • ‘I watched two men with bulging backpacks descend the stairs and load them into the boot, nearly filling it up. "Shotgun!" one of them said.’
      • ‘Did he yell out "Shotgun" to ride up front with the engineer?’
      • ‘"Shotgun!" Benjamin called as he jumped into the passenger side.’
      • ‘"Shotgun!" he shouted, scurrying to the passenger side.’
      • ‘The second I closed the door, I shouted "Shotgun!"’
  • 3American Football
    An offensive formation in which the quarterback receives the snap while standing several yards behind the line of scrimmage.

    • ‘In simple terms, it was a shotgun formation with two receivers to each side.’
    • ‘There are rumblings that some high up in the organization will encourage the new coaching staff to include the shotgun formation in the offense.’
    • ‘Early in the season, Moore struggled with snaps out of the shotgun formation.’
    • ‘He also believes the shotgun can disrupt a quarterback's rhythm with his receivers.’
    • ‘So with seven yards needed for the first down, the offense lined up in a shotgun formation and went for it.’


North American
  • 1Aimed at a wide range of things; having no specific target.

    ‘many companies use the shotgun approach, aiming advertising at the widest possible audience’
    • ‘One other lesson and that is you cannot build or strengthen institutions using a shotgun approach.’
    • ‘Like tiny divining rods, these drugs hunt down only diseased cells, avoiding the shotgun approach of past chemotherapies.’
    • ‘I am taking the shotgun approach to the insurance question.’
    • ‘I love George and wish him well, but the shotgun approach strikes me as counterproductive.’
    • ‘All companies want to up-sell and cross-sell current customers, but most take a shotgun approach.’
  • 2Denoting a long, narrow single-story house whose rooms are arranged one behind another.

    ‘his family lived in a shotgun shack in South Memphis’
    • ‘On the icy road to nowhere, the car flips over the railing and lands near a seemingly abandoned shotgun shack.’
    • ‘She uses a "little shotgun shack in a checkered neighborhood in Lexington" as an art and writing studio.’
    • ‘Neighbors were attempting to avoid further development in the chronically cramped neighborhood of shotgun cottages.’
    • ‘George invited him to stay the night in the family's shotgun shack.’
    • ‘Upgrading shotgun shacks to uber-rich steel and glass high-rises is as simple as clicking through a transparent overlay, provided you have the funds.’
    • ‘Two years ago the council blocked the demolition of a 100-year-old, uninhabitable shotgun cottage.’
    • ‘They don't live on the wrong side of the tracks in McIntyre, Ga. Their shotgun shack lies virtually on the railroad tracks.’
    • ‘The following day, after a pilgrimage to Elvis's childhood home (a two roomed shotgun shack in Tupelo) we headed for Fulton, a small town in Northern Mississippi.’


  • 1Shoot at or kill with a shotgun.

    ‘he had been shotgunned by drug dealers’
    • ‘He's the murderer. He shotgunned his wife and her fancy man’
    • ‘One of the star prosecution witnesses had been shotgunned to death.’
    • ‘One came driving at me, so I shotgunned him in the head as he drove past.’
    • ‘He acknowledged he shotgunned his parents to death.’
    • ‘He was shotgunned in the back while lying on the floor of the convenience store where he worked as a clerk.’
  • 2North American informal Consume (a canned drink) in one go by puncturing the can, putting one’s mouth over the resulting hole, and then opening the can by means of the ring pull to produce a rapid flow.

    ‘shotgunning beers’
    • ‘Just reading the names together in one sentence made my head start banging furiously and caused me to shotgun a beer.’
    • ‘Eventually I stumbled out of the place, shotgunning a Mountain Dew.’
    • ‘He's signalling to the ref that they are to shotgun the beers!’
    • ‘We went in the pool, had a water bomb fight, ate pizza, shotgunned cans of fanta and sprite, watched Scary Movie 4 and played some card games.’
    • ‘It's refreshing to see sommeliers who would be just as comfortable shotgunning beers in a frat house as evaluating high-end Bordeaux at a French chateau.’
    • ‘Soon we were on the road, with Mark shotgunning Red Bulls at every stop while sipping them in between.’
    • ‘The video follows Shana Cleveland on an introspective winter walk through Index, WA while the rest of the band shotgun beers and drive around in truck beds.’
    • ‘By the end of their day together he has shotgunned a Bud Light and gotten a new tattoo.’
    • ‘The video sees the band members going into party mode, shotgunning beers and frolicking around in a swimming pool.’
    • ‘Some of the more common methods of consuming alcohol like taking shots, keg parties, shotgunning cans of beer, binge drinking etc. etc. doesn't seem to be enough for some alcohol consumers.’
    • ‘Kelsey and I just shotgunned cans of Pepsi in front of our house in honor of her 21st birthday.’


  • call shotgun

    • informal Claim the right to sit in the front passenger seat of a vehicle on a particular journey.

      ‘my girlfriend called shotgun, so I sat in the back seat’
      • ‘If that politician ever asks to go for a ride, call shotgun.’
      • ‘Janet remembers when the rules were simple: windows down and radio up, everyone chipped in for gas and shotgun went to whoever called it first.’
      • ‘Rocky called shotgun so I got in the back.’
      • ‘Significant others of the driver or other people related (non-siblings) to the driver need not call shotgun.’
      • ‘Adults can fit in the cheap seats way out back, but the tallest ones will want to call shotgun on long trips.’
      • ‘None of your passengers will be calling shotgun, and you might make a habit of letting friends drive, so you can lounge in back.’
      • ‘I call shotgun: Kiri usually claims the best spot at the front of the sidecar, leaving Mari and Hine to perch behind.’
  • ride shotgun

    • 1informal Travel as a guard in the seat next to the driver of a vehicle.

      ‘police armed with automatic rifles ride shotgun on the trucks’
      • ‘One crew came under such sustained abuse that town hall chiefs ordered Neighbourhood Safety officers to ride shotgun on the truck to stop the attacks.’
      • ‘It goes like this: the secret service agents detailed to ride shotgun on the motorcade went out drinking the night before.’
      • ‘We need someone to ride shotgun with our first responders-more guns, right?’
      • ‘When I rode shotgun for truck drivers, my weapon of choice was a 12-gauge pump-action.’
      • ‘Wyatt rode shotgun for Wells Fargo stagecoaches and moonlighted as a gambler.’
      1. 1.1Ride in the front passenger seat of a vehicle.
        ‘Jacob got in the back seat next to Katie and Jessica rode shotgun’
        • ‘One Porsche fan will be given the chance to ride shotgun in the one-off 911 on Britain's Silverstone circuit.’
        • ‘The car packed, we left early the next day, me driving and my son riding shotgun with his "Death Jar" containing the now dead (hopefully) spider.’
        • ‘The Corvette has a refined ride quality that will appeal not only to drivers but the lady friends who will inevitably be riding shotgun.’
        • ‘Her son, riding shotgun, proudly filmed his mother driving and then posted it on YouTube.’
        • ‘To begin with, only lightly used rural or suburban roads will be used, and with a person riding shotgun ready to take over in emergencies.’
        • ‘Last year, she rode shotgun in a NASCAR vehicle for several laps at a California racetrack.’
        • ‘If your dog likes to ride shotgun with you in the car, margarine tubs are the perfect utensil for dog food and water to-go.’
        • ‘"It makes the interior feel very open," said Tom, who rode shotgun on a trip to Michigan.’
        • ‘The ride did sit well with the team sponsor and his country's minister of sport, who rode shotgun in the team's car.’
        • ‘I walked away with a minor break to my arm but my brother who was riding shotgun in the front seat required stitches after his head impacted the windshield.’
        • ‘The redhead riding shotgun turned and looked at me with disgust.’
        • ‘They honk to her and the man riding shotgun gets out and lets her into the front passenger seat.’