Definition of shorthorn in US English:



  • An animal of a breed of cattle with short horns.

    • ‘After their initial meeting, Capron visited the Dun ranch, where he was shown the herds of shorthorns and other stock that Dun reckoned were best suited for the enterprise.’
    • ‘The pedigree shorthorns have been prize-winners at the London and Welsh Dairy Shows and can be traced back to the Dowror herd which Mr David's grandfather established in the 1930s.’
    • ‘It is suitable for the tropics with tick and eye cancer resistance from the Zebu with the meat characteristics of the shorthorn, and is hardy, coping with all conditions.’
    • ‘The cattle judges were from a federal agency that knew all cattle and not just the longhorns and shorthorns.’
    • ‘Tommy is a white beef shorthorn, and was only born at the end of August.’