Definition of short of in US English:

short of


  • 1Less than.

    ‘he died at sixty-one, four years short of his pensionable age’
    • ‘The babies were only 30 weeks, a crucial four weeks short of the hoped-for delivery.’
    • ‘Finally, at two minutes short of four hours, Henman served out for the victory.’
    • ‘He fell four points short of his career high of 56 set in a loss at Toronto on March 20.’
    • ‘Larsson will be still four months short of his 33rd birthday when his current deal ends.’
    • ‘They were four players short of the team that had won the Munster crown but the replacements were also top class.’
    • ‘But running Mobile Mark resulted in a battery life just four minutes short of three hours.’
    • ‘The governing Uri Party is only four seats short of a majority in the National Assembly.’
    • ‘Alan Knott remembers it with some bitterness as he was stranded on 96 not out, four runs short of a maiden test century.’
    • ‘He was out caught to a fine catch by Hayward at mid-off just four short of his best of 73 not out.’
    • ‘All this from a club that has been provisional liquidation for only four weeks short of two years.’
    1. 1.1 Not reaching as far as.
      ‘a rocket failure left a satellite tumbling in an orbit far short of its proper position’
      • ‘The final execution of his plans, however, fell well short of success.’
      • ‘She had to abandon her singles effort when she fell short of the main draw.’
      • ‘It stands on a short glazed foot rim and base rising to an everted c-shaped glazed body stopping short of the rim.’
      • ‘The Port defence stood solid when Tullamore took on two short penalties only to be stopped short of the line.’
      • ‘She backed up and sped down the driveway and stopped just inches short of the closed gate.’
      • ‘I got run out by a direct hit and Kabir managed to slip, fall over his bat only to try to scramble in on all fours and be just short of the line when the bails came off!’
      • ‘He proceeded to take four shots from just short of the green, to lose woefully.’
      • ‘The long-awaited Asterix falls far short of the mark, it's not half as clever and funny as all the rest.’
      • ‘Besides that, a creek crosses the fairway short of the green and sees its share of misery.’
      • ‘We had reached the village of Brecy by nightfall, some way short of our objective.’
    2. 1.2 Without going so far as (some extreme action)
      ‘short of putting out an all-persons alert, there's little else we can do’
      • ‘If you're good friends with people throwing the kegger, you have no excuse not to go short of a wedding or funeral.’
      • ‘I don't know if Arthur Lee is in the house, but short of that, can you be the one to help our friend?’
      • ‘Accept that there will be no solution to Muslim extremism short of a settlement for Palestine.’
      • ‘But short of tearing up the city and starting again, there is no comprehensive fix at hand.’
      • ‘And short of calling in the Office of Cyberspace Security, there is little we can do.’
      • ‘Covers are probably the safest thing you can do in the music industry, short of debuting the song at Princess Di's funeral.’
      • ‘It is perfectly clear that short of a major wave of renewed religiosity, such a return is inconceivable.’
      apart from, other than, in any other way than, aside from, besides, except, except for, excepting, without, without going so far as, excluding, leaving out, not counting, disregarding, save, save for
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