Definition of shore crab in US English:

shore crab


  • A crab that inhabits the seashore and shallow waters.

    Several species, in particular the dark green common shore crab (Carcinus maenas, family Carcinidae) of Europe

    • ‘The shore crab is not alone on and in the vicinity of European shores.’
    • ‘Common lobsters, edible crabs, velvet swimming crabs, shore crabs and hermit crabs were common.’
    • ‘This one moved with startling speed to capture a shore crab that was walking across the stone wall of a slipway.’
    • ‘We collected 17 purple shore crabs from the same sites to use as predators on the porcelain crabs.’
    • ‘A velvet swimming crab then dashes out of the shadows, grabs the shore crab's trophy and vanishes back under the kelp.’