Definition of shopping list in US English:

shopping list


  • 1A list of purchases to be made.

    • ‘Consulting your list of recipes, create your shopping list.’
    • ‘‘The warranty allowed us to get on people's shopping lists,’ he says.’
    • ‘‘A lot of tourists come with shopping lists from family and friends,’ says Russack.’
    • ‘This being arranged, my mom wrote down the shopping list, butchering the spelling of almost everything on the list.’
    • ‘Because diet is a central aspect of controlling blood sugar, daily menus, recipes, and shopping lists are provided.’
    • ‘They share their shopping lists, recipes and culinary principles.’
    • ‘I plotted out the menu for the next week and wrote up the grocery shopping list.’
    • ‘They're usually the ones who remember appointments, birthdays, shopping lists, travel timetables, and what they wore at all the weddings they have ever attended; the occasions they were taken out to dinner, and what they chose to eat.’
    • ‘It has my addresses, calendar, shopping list, to-do list, etc.’
    • ‘Physical needs such as grocery items are primarily purchased using a shopping list.’
    • ‘This is one of the only recipes I can shop for without a shopping list.’
    • ‘Plan the shopping list together, and help your child create a list of items she can take off the shelf herself.’
    • ‘Charlie wrote out the menu and made a shopping list of the needed ingredients.’
    • ‘The shopping lists, nutrition tips and recipes were invaluable.’
    • ‘When you decide you want to cook something, the program can generate a list of ingredients in a shopping list and you can print it out.’
    • ‘To save you even more time, we provide handy shopping lists for each recipe.’
    • ‘The following list can be used as a shopping list.’
    • ‘Several studies have used shopping lists to cue students as to which item to purchase.’
    • ‘The dining room and kitchen walls hold chalkboards for ever-changing menus, shopping lists, and notes.’
    • ‘The site also features a meal planner, which allows consumers to print not only recipes, but also menus and shopping lists.’
    1. 1.1 A list of items to be considered or acted on.
      ‘a lengthy shopping list of detailed proposals’
      • ‘They create a shopping list of attributes they require and discard those who don't instantly measure up.’
      • ‘These corporations have their own shopping lists for profit-making opportunities in the US.’
      • ‘A military objective was first defined, and converted into a detailed logistical shopping list of the men and materials required to achieve it.’
      • ‘Here's a partial look at the shopping lists being dutifully relayed to Colin Powell and the American delegation at the U.N..’
      • ‘A new shopping list of proposals will follow under something called the Strategic Projects Review: a more detailed outline of how the National Transport Strategy will be delivered.’
      • ‘The briefing will also include a shopping list of proposals aimed at improving awareness and responses to dealing with the problem.’


shopping list

/ˈSHäpiNG list//ˈʃɑpɪŋ lɪst/