Definition of shooting script in US English:

shooting script


  • A final movie or television script with scenes arranged in the order in which they will be filmed.

    • ‘I'd try and make the final shooting script as lean as possible so that I don't have to shoot unnecessary stuff.’
    • ‘This makes for a confusing read, as there is no single guide to how each scene from the shooting script relates to the resulting film as it was shot and edited.’
    • ‘So I will have to do two scripts: a planning, selling tool script and I will have to translate that into a shooting script - the one minute a page kind of deal.’
    • ‘There are 189 scenes in the shooting script requiring 87 settings.’
    • ‘A shooting script is needed whether the video is produced with a video professional or as an in-house project.’
    • ‘The most striking of these is an interactive method of comparing the final cut of the film with what I take to be the shooting script.’
    • ‘The problem is that you take a 350-page manuscript and bring it down to a 110-or 120-page shooting script, and you've lost a lot of good stuff.’
    • ‘If you have a DVD-ROM drive on your computer, you can access (and print, if you so desire) the full text of the shooting script - that's a nice touch.’
    • ‘Finally, the shooting scripts are provided on a CD-ROM, which is disc nine of the set.’
    • ‘There are casting sessions with optional commentary along with a shooting script on DVD-ROM.’
    • ‘I'm assuming this has aired in the States, as the shooting script is up (UK Spoiler seekers go here.)’
    • ‘Anyway, here is the first complete shooting script in pdf format.’
    • ‘The entire shooting script is featured, and though not the quickest read, will thrill future screenwriters who want to see how a great film is structured.’
    • ‘When you have a family event, you will capture it to the best advantage if you have a shooting script - learn how to plan this.’
    • ‘We had no shooting script, wrote as we went along.’
    • ‘When I pick up a shooting script and flick through it, I'm politely asked to put it back.’
    • ‘There is also a shooting script, a fight script, and other notes for each episode on the CD-ROM.’
    • ‘The writer-director-producer team then finishes off the development work and ends up with a shooting script.’
    • ‘The censors wanted this scene out of the shooting script, but the producers kept it in.’
    • ‘Until I hear substantiated news that the shooting script is much shorter, I'm sticking with what I said above.’