Definition of shootie in US English:



  • A woman's ankle-high shoe resembling a boot.

    • ‘These flowing, movable pieces were combined with custom-designed chunky, strappy, gladiator shoes and shooties that gave a youthfulness to elegant dressing.’
    • ‘Wear your legging-and-blazer outfit with "shooties" or boots to complete the look.’
    • ‘A pair of black ankle strap platforms with a treacherous looking heel immediately caught my attention, as did a pair of animal print shooties.’
    • ‘The perfect complement to a fall wardrobe, shooties are versatile and go with a variety of outfits.’
    • ‘With fall just around the corner, these shooties are a must-have transitional piece to help you segue through the seasons.’
    • ‘For fall, the collection includes Montera zip-front booties with ruching and a strappy suede shootie called Christiana.’
    • ‘From shooties that hit right at the ankle to short boots that don't quite reach the calf, there's a bootie in the house for everybody's style.’
    • ‘There are styles of shooties that are more shoe or more boot, but I bought this pair because it most closely resembles a pair I literally wore to pieces.’
    • ‘By definition, the upper part of a shootie ends at or near one's ankle, and there's usually (although not always) a substantial heel.’
    • ‘Shooties look great with knee-length skirts and dresses, and they're still a perfect choice for anybody whose calves are too fat for knee-length boots.’


1980s: blend of shoe and bootie.