Definition of shooter in US English:



  • 1A person who uses a gun either regularly or on a particular occasion.

    • ‘Varmint hunters and long-range target shooters know all too well the esoteric science of wind doping.’
    • ‘Match regulations stipulate that only two old shooters (those who have previously competed at State level) are allowed per team.’
    • ‘Doug Koenig has the best all-around record of any competitive pistol shooter.’
    • ‘But today's shooter has a lot more choices than I did as a kid.’
    • ‘Having an indoor range allows shooters to find out where their guns really shoot.’
    • ‘This type of rifle has proven surprisingly popular with regular shooters as well.’
    • ‘Japan, for instance, allows Olympic pistol shooters to keep their guns, Britain does not.’
    • ‘Some competitive shooters shoot this many rounds in a few years.’
    • ‘He chuckled when one of the shooters missed his shot.’
    • ‘But do sporting shooters see themselves as part of the gun debate in this country?’
    • ‘Anyone with eyes must agree today's shooters have the finest sporting optics ever made available.’
    • ‘Long-range varmint shooters, tactical marksmen and some hunters will find this information very useful.’
    • ‘The shooter was a former office employee who was fired about a year ago.’
    • ‘Then, in the same five-second span, the shooter fires three shots.’
    • ‘Competition shooters who use optics often shoot red dot scopes, he says.’
    • ‘The rifle shooter fired again and now his rifle was empty.’
    • ‘Rifle shooters know that seating bullets out closer to the rifling almost always improves accuracy.’
    • ‘Average shooters probably don't shoot 100 rounds a month, some much less.’
    • ‘Within moments, a police officer on duty fired from the floor of the Council chamber at the shooter in the balcony.’
    • ‘They are even being made now with special smoothed and lightened actions for the cowboy shooters wanting to score well.’
    marksman, markswoman, rifleman
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    1. 1.1informal A gun.
      • ‘I took a step towards him and pointed the shooter at his ear.’
      • ‘When we stopped them to ask where they were going one of them pulled out a shooter.’
      • ‘There were at least thirty of them, all fit, strong chaps armed with shooters.’
      • ‘Barely a minute passes in this gun-crazy crime caper without someone pulling out a shooter or letting off some form of military hardware.’
      • ‘The craft of burglary as I was taught it was essentially non-violent, the art was always making sure it remained so, which is why I never carried a shooter.’
      • ‘No one seemed to know anything about his background but there were rumours that he carried a shooter.’
    2. 1.2 A type of video game in which the main objective is to shoot at enemies or other targets.
      ‘a futuristic sci-fi shooter’
      • ‘I have played a lot of shooters in my day and just 'cause they look similar doesn't mean they are the same.’
      • ‘When I go from playing my PC to playing a shooter on a console I find it choppy and annoying.’
      • ‘I prefer to play my shooters on the PC, so there wasn't really any great need for me to buy a PS2 at launch.’
      • ‘There are other games besides shooters.’
      • ‘When your life matters in multiplayer, you play shooters more carefully.’
      • ‘The vivid picture and original musical background will leave nobody indifferent to this captivating shooter.’
      • ‘This is shaping up to be the antidote for anyone sick and tired of modern combat shooters.’
      • ‘Plain War is a small arcade shooter in which you play as a pilot in a never ending war between two nations.’
      • ‘Quality: Just-average WWII shooter, violent and bloody.’
      • ‘The list of top first person shooters for the PC includes a list of some of the most popular and critically acclaimed shooters that have been released.’
      • ‘Playing video games, including violent shooters, may boost children's learning, health and social skills, according to a review.’
      • ‘Personally I don't want all my shooters to be the same so I enjoy the crouching instead of aiming down sights.’
      • ‘Last shooter I played with a girlfriend she ended up killing me more then the enemies did because she couldn't aim around me’
      • ‘"After playing either the shooter or driving game for only 10 hours, participants were faster and more accurate on the three visual search tasks," says Wu.’
      • ‘The mechanics are easy even if you don't normally play shooters.’
  • 2A member of a team in games such as basketball whose role is to attempt to score goals.

    • ‘The game became a battle of tight defence over all court positions with immense pressure being applied to the goal shooters of both teams.’
    • ‘The ball should bounce back to the shooter's hands as the left foot is being planted.’
    • ‘He's also 6 foot 10 and the best pure shooter in the league.’
    • ‘Not much of a shooter, he scores about 10 points less per game then his predecessor used to.’
    • ‘Not the most reliable shooter in the world, but he can get hot.’
    • ‘At this age, very few teams have good outside shooters.’
    • ‘Have the shooters approach the basket as fast as possible (without losing control of the ball!).’
    • ‘The poorly run workout offered up the opportunity to watch a shooter shoot baskets and little else.’
    • ‘Watch the better shooters on any team and you'll find most of them shoot early in the jump.’
    • ‘This is because the coach has decided he is one of the two weaker outside shooters on the opposing team.’
    • ‘They take 500 or 600 shots a day, but it doesn't always mean they're going to he good shooters in games.’
    • ‘He is a very good mid-range jump shooter.’
    • ‘But his shooting range is limited and he is below average as a free-throw shooter.’
    • ‘He's arguably the game's best pure jump shooter.’
    • ‘I was an excellent shooter in netball and a pretty cool volleyball player.’
    • ‘In fact, some shooters make baskets at critical times, yet use terrible technique and make a bad choice to shoot altogether.’
    • ‘The new guys are more rugged, but the old guard was a much better group of shooters and all-around basketball players.’
    • ‘My question is how do you get the ball down the court into the shooter's hands.’
    • ‘If the ball goes out of bounds, then the shooter's team retains possession, so what was gained?’
    • ‘The partner passes the ball back and the shooter fires away.’
    1. 2.1 A person who throws a die or dice.
      • ‘Would you rather put your money, or increase your bet on a shooter who throws at random, or one with at least a modicum of control?’
      • ‘Otherwise, the come-out roll becomes the point and you are gambling on whether the shooter will subsequently throw the point or a seven first.’
      • ‘You also have to know how to bet on other shooters while you're waiting to get the dice in your own hands.’
      • ‘This way you maximize your winnings as you wait for the shooter to seven out.’
      • ‘Messing around with $5 units on other shooters and waiting to get the dice, I dropped $200 before deciding to take a walk.’
      • ‘If you're unsure about the shooter, take all your bets down after any one hit.’
      • ‘The whole point of regression systems is to place your biggest bets at the beginning of a shooter's roll, and your smallest bets at the end.’
      • ‘Most players wager with the shooter and with the dice.’
      • ‘The shooter rolls a pair of dice, and if they come up with a total of seven or eleven, he wins;’
  • 3North American informal A small alcoholic drink, especially of distilled liquor.

    ‘geez, he could use a shooter of whiskey’
    • ‘It's a shooter that consists of vodka and red grapefruit juice and tastes pretty good.’
    • ‘Although $50 may not seem like all that much, I can think of better uses for starving students, and that's beer and shooters.’
    • ‘Running through plans and counter-plans, he drove me straight to a dingy pub where he began medicating himself with an endless stream of cigarettes and vodka shooters.’
    • ‘Amazing drinks and smoothies with a large selection of shooters and beer on tap.’
    • ‘There are only so many computer-generated dinosaurs I can watch until I want to start doing tequila shooters.’
    • ‘It's no wonder then that provocatively-named shots and shooters, and colorful Martinis made with flavored vodkas and sweet syrups are all the rage with them.’
    • ‘Electing to skip dessert in favour of tequila shooters proved to be a very good idea, as the elixir went down so smoothly that we ordered another, and another.’
    • ‘Will she move the salt shaker three inches from its starting point after dousing her filthy hand for a tequila shooter?’
    • ‘I could smell tequila shooters on his breath but I really didn't care.’
    • ‘I divided the drink among four glasses, explained to the guys what I'd been up too, and we downed the new drink as shooters.’
    • ‘Beer and shooters are $1.50 until 11 p.m. and champagne will be served at midnight.’
    • ‘Disappointed that we had missed a good evening of free drinking, we decided to go to my friends' place of work, where I drank a plethora of shooters, several mixed drinks and a beer.’
    • ‘While perusing the menu, Ritchie offered us an Elvis drink, a vodka and grape drink shooter.’
    • ‘The bar staff are dressed in school uniform with prefect badges and kohl pencil freckles and the clientele are sipping shrimp flavored vodka shooters.’
  • 4A marble used to shoot at other marbles.