Definition of shoot someone/something up in US English:

shoot someone/something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Cause great damage to something by shooting.

    ‘the police shot up our building’
    • ‘He was bounced by an enemy fighter and the tail of his plane was shot up, but he escaped with his life, and landed back at RAF Hornchurch.’
    • ‘Several of our planes were shot up, but all the pilots returned uninjured.’
    • ‘It's anyone's guess how these people were allowed to show up at the school waving guns, ready to storm inside the building and shoot the place up.’
    • ‘Virtually every car was banged up; windows were smashed, tires were shot up, radios stolen and the equipment and tools were scattered on the ground.’
    • ‘Julie aimed her guns and shot them up, hitting each one in the head a ton.’
    • ‘In the early part of the day it had been shot up by the enemy air force.’
    • ‘On 4 May 1945 he was killed when his car was shot up by a British aircraft.’
    • ‘Some lunatic called in saying he will shoot the building up.’
    • ‘You know, they could have shot him up, but it would have damaged forever the shrine, and that was an untenable situation politically in the world.’
    • ‘He later went out to film the damage and was following a taxi that looked like it had been shot up with a machine-gun.’
  • 2informal Inject (someone else) with a narcotic drug.

    • ‘He was also involved in the drug scene, and even shot his roosters up with speed every time he fought them.’
    • ‘What I need is for someone to shoot me up with a hypodermic needle filled with hope.’
    • ‘I said rubbing my forehead, ‘Unless you can go about shooting people up with Motrin, I suggest you leave me alone today.’’
    • ‘Mentally, I tried to tell Father Malachi to shoot me up with more of his drugs.’
    • ‘You only thought you did because they shot you up with drugs back then.’
    • ‘The highs didn't last as long and he decided to try shooting up.’
    • ‘However, research has shown that xanax shooting up does indeed increase food intake.’