Definition of shoot-down in US English:



North American
  • An act or instance of bringing down an aircraft by shooting at it.

    • ‘South Ossetian forces have shot down a Georgian spy plane, officials in the breakaway province said today.’
    • ‘This clause, he said, would give the military the legal right to shoot down a hijacked plane.’
    • ‘Dad was shot down on May 22.’
    • ‘In an extreme case, it can alert US air defenses to shoot down a suspect plane.’
    • ‘General Grange, three U.S. Army helicopters have been shot down, apparently, over the past couple of weeks.’
    • ‘Actor Tom Sizemore will play a mechanic who shoots down attacking Japanese aircraft with a shotgun.’
    • ‘Hutu extremists accused Tutsi rebels of shooting down the plane.’
    • ‘The helicopter was apparently shot down in Afghanistan's most volatile province, with the Taliban claiming responsibility for the attack.’
    • ‘He shared in the destruction of a reconnaissance aircraft, and shot down a Bf 109 on May 29.’
    • ‘Ordinary Iraqis have been shot down by occupation forces.’
    • ‘Nearly a decade later, he was shot down and taken prisoner in Vietnam.’
    • ‘Officials say a second Tamil jet was shot down.’
    • ‘Iraq said the attack helicopter was shot down over Karbala, south of Baghdad.’
    • ‘Inside the porch of the church are some remains of the framework from the German Zeppelin L48 that was shot down in 1917.’
    • ‘The enlisted fliers shot down 130 enemy aircraft.’
    • ‘US sources said that two missiles had been shot down.’
    • ‘However, officials did confirm that a British Tornado fighter bomber had been reportedly shot down by a US-operated Patriot missile near the Kuwaiti border.’
    • ‘Rather than shooting down dozens of rockets, this system would take out only one or two missiles in space with 16,000 mph interceptors.’
    • ‘According to first findings, the guard was shot down with eight or nine bullets from a machine gun fired by an unknown number of assailants who had approached him.’
    • ‘Her notoriety increased after she single-handedly shot down a Rhodesian army helicopter.’