Definition of shoeless in US English:



  • See shoe

    • ‘And so you don't ruin all your hard work, go shoeless for at least an hour.’
    • ‘He says he goes shoeless practically all the time - even in the winter, when he's been known to shovel snow barefoot.’
    • ‘I was never a junkie, I was never shoeless and selling my mom's car to a Gypsy.’
    • ‘Their rooms are called cells, they eat very little, and agree to vows of poverty symbolized by the simple sandals they wear; for, technically, Carmelites are shoeless or discalaced.’
    • ‘Not long before my mother died, my sister found her wandering on a rainy day, shoeless and senile in the middle of millionaire ghetto Hampstead, where she lived.’
    • ‘An unspeakably peaked-looking shoeless fellow wrapped with bandages in a degraded state, approached me.’
    • ‘The narrator's mother, who insists that she attend the School of Music and Ballet and forbids her to play with the shoeless neighbor children, is English.’