Definition of shoebox in English:



  • 1A box in which a pair of shoes is delivered or sold.

    • ‘I was digging around for a different pair and came across a mysterious shoebox.’
    • ‘Without thinking straight, I pick up a shoebox under my bed and start delving through it until I find the article.’
    • ‘The suspect, who is in his 20s, was captured in his bedroom at 6am with crack cocaine, cannabis and a wad of cash stashed in a shoebox.’
    • ‘If you find a shoebox of cash in your hedge or a Louis Vitton suitcase crammed with stacks of bills, just walk away.’
    • ‘These children were different from those outside of the gates as they each held a box - a shoebox wrapped in Christmas paper.’
    • ‘If your door doesn't have a back panel that can be altered, like ours did, you can use a sturdy shoebox to fashion your window box.’
    • ‘Just as she was about to leave, the woman caught sight of the shoebox on the bed, ‘Oh what is that?’’
    • ‘The best way to secure enough shoeboxes is to buy dozens of pairs of shoes.’
    • ‘If these were paper letters in a shoebox, would you be arguing that they should be burned?’
    • ‘I place it in the shoebox under my bed, where I keep things that I want to have for a long time.’
    • ‘He wasn't even fazed; he just rolled his eyes and reached under the bed and unearthed a shoebox and handed it to me.’
    • ‘The only photographs she had were stored in a shoebox, along with letters and the diaries that she did have with her.’
    • ‘Recently my grandfather rediscovered a shoebox full of letters and war memorabilia.’
    • ‘Lifting an old shoebox from her bed, Kirby removed the lid, dropped her pen, and locked the diary into it.’
    • ‘In Mayo alone last year, 6,500 shoeboxes were filled and delivered.’
    • ‘She was just a collection of old memories, mostly unpleasant, that belonged in a shoebox beneath my bed, a haven to gather dust.’
    • ‘He could put the letters back in the shoebox he'd found them in, hide it away back in the attic.’
    • ‘I hesitate for a moment, then I burrow in the shoebox underneath my bed for the piece of paper I'm looking for.’
    • ‘I found the answer in a month, inside a shoebox filled with letters.’
    • ‘Still, she dismissed it, reminding herself that tons of people kept things that weren't shoes in shoeboxes.’
    1. 1.1informal Used in references to small or uniform rooms or spaces.
      ‘a shoebox of a room’
      • ‘I wanted my tiny little apartment, my shoebox sized room, my friends, my Dad.’
      • ‘Families are no longer satisfied with little shoebox rooms and single beds.’
      • ‘Take a New Yorker who can't deal with taking the granny cart out to the grocery store and walking up five floors to their shoebox apartment.’
      • ‘But even with a good paying job, the only way I'll keep my debts low is by renting a shoebox apartment for the rest of my life.’
      • ‘A few days later, they took me back to their shoebox house on its quiet, predominantly Catholic street with its manicured lawn and reliable car in the paved driveway.’
      • ‘The acoustician first analyzed the hall as a shoebox and then applied the results to the vineyard.’
      • ‘View from the shoebox apartment, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.’
      • ‘Not too many interior walls since they converted the upstairs storey from five shoebox rooms and a landing to one big space.’