Definition of shoe leather in US English:

shoe leather


  • Used in reference to the wear on shoes through walking.

    ‘you can save on shoe leather by giving us your instructions over the telephone’
    • ‘However, I rarely wear out any shoe leather during my searches, because I do most of my hunting online.’
    • ‘Today, when the footstreets have been worn down with shoe leather for almost exactly 15 years, it is hard to recall how radical this proposal must have seemed.’
    • ‘And as you wear down your shoe leather, remember this too: our immediate task is to put the government on notice that it has reached its sell-by date.’
    • ‘That may have something to do with the amount shoe leather he's worn out on doorsteps around Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘In pure democratic fashion, members of the group will be wearing out shoe leather delivering information directly to Calgarians to gain support for ending fluoridation.’
    • ‘What would happen to my reporting if I wore out some shoe leather in the convention hallways or out on the streets?’
    • ‘You have to go out and wear some shoe leather out and go and look at them for yourself.’
    • ‘They made telephone calls, they wore out the shoe leather, they did it the old-fashioned way.’
    • ‘I always go with the team that's been hitting the pavement, working the asphalt, wearing out the shoe leather - the Street Smarts guys who know how to sell!’
    • ‘And a number of people broke out the shoe leather, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.’