Definition of shockproof in US English:



  • 1Designed to resist damage when dropped or knocked.

    ‘a shockproof watch’
    • ‘Since then, improvements have made contemporary optics waterproof and shockproof, added gyroscopic image stabilization, and even enabled night vision.’
    • ‘All are power-efficient, shockproof, and weatherproof.’
    • ‘So what you have is a small, metallic case with plastic reinforcements at the corners, a little bit like a shockproof watch.’
    • ‘There are no moving parts, so the device is largely shockproof and does not wear out.’
    • ‘It is Swiss-made, shockproof and waterproof to a depth of 30 meters.’
    • ‘The biggest advantage of plastic is it is waterproof and electrical shockproof.’
    • ‘Although the hard drives won't be as robust or shockproof as a tape cartridge, hard drives will continue to offer various advantages over tape.’
    • ‘The lightweight housings are rubber armored, waterproof, shockproof and very comfortable in the hands.’
    • ‘It's waterproof and shockproof, so that the person can actually wear it in the bath if they want to, they never have to take it off.’
    • ‘They are required to be shockproof in the extreme and to function in extreme heat, cold and rain.’
    • ‘The scope weighs 11 ounces, is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof.’
    • ‘It is extra-durable and shockproof, while weighing one-third less than most professional radios on the market.’
    • ‘The shockproof nature of the phone means lots of rubber.’
  • 2Not easily shocked.

    ‘the teacher puts them at ease by her shockproof attitude toward ignorance’
    • ‘Our culture has become quite shockproof, thanks to a media that brings us daily reports meant to be graphic and sensational in nature.’
    • ‘That really shocked and angered me and I am pretty shockproof.’