Definition of shiso in US English:



  • An Asian plant of the mint family used as a culinary herb.

    • ‘Introduced last year, the annual is related to Perilla frutescens, commonly known as shiso and used in some Asian cuisines.’
    • ‘In a bowl, add the Asian pear, shiso leaves, and lemon juice.’
    • ‘Related to mint, shiso blends its delicate minty subtleties with citrus and licorice; the flavor of the purple leaves is more fruity and less minty than the green.’
    • ‘Strain through a fine mesh sieve, add the shiso, cover with plastic wrap, and set aside in the refrigerator or 30 minutes.’
    • ‘It was enhanced by the distinctive and refreshing flavour of chopped shiso, a fantastic Japanese herb that tastes strongly of cumin, with a hint of pepper and lemon.’