Definition of shire horse in US English:

shire horse


  • A heavy, powerful horse of a draft breed, originally from the English Midlands.

    • ‘Norman, the gentle shire horse who won thousands of fans as he helped water flower baskets and clear litter across the city centre, will go to pastures new when he retires in summer.’
    • ‘This is well illustrated by crossing a large shire horse with a much smaller Shetland pony.’
    • ‘There have been more than 3,000 entries in the equestrian activities, which include showjumping and shire horse events.’
    • ‘Following the tour, he will be taken around the stables across the road in Northgate Gardens, to meet the company's four shire horses, Barron, Buscot, Royal and Tom.’
    • ‘Two shire horses pulled a cart full of waving children, books and bedding and the youngsters were met by the school's junior choir who sang outside the church.’
    • ‘Charles brought hoots of laughter when he told them a local man had attempted to sell him a shire horse.’
    • ‘And there was also a time when a shire horse got stuck down a ditch and we had to pull it out.’
    • ‘His coffin was carried to Rochdale Cemetery in a hearse pulled by two shire horses and it was standing room only at the chapel.’
    • ‘The museum tells the story of Bradford's industrial past and includes shire horses, bus and tram rides, machinery, a mill owner's house and back-to-back cottages.’
    • ‘Other attractions at the show are an exhibition of rural life and 17 competition sections, including horticulture, shire horses, cheese, honey and local produce.’
    • ‘He never looks in the slightest bit ill: in fact he looks strong enough to lift a shire horse above his head.’
    • ‘Perhaps he thought I was going to tie a shire horse to my car and drive away.’
    • ‘The Hurricane, though less graceful and slower than the Spitfire, was more a shire horse; incredibly strong and capable of taking many hits before it was taken out.’
    • ‘Imagine my horror when they told me that, though I was about to gain two wisdom teeth, the rest would have to be yanked out using a pair of industrial-strength pliers and a shire horse.’
    • ‘Ironically, because of their presence, the main narrative creaks along with the pace of a crippled shire horse.’
    • ‘Children enjoyed various displays including a Second World War vehicle and a shire horse display, while others danced around the maypole.’
    • ‘We have a shire horse which weighs about half a ton.’
    • ‘Despite the rain and blustery wind, he expertly guided shire horses Barron and Buscot out into Northgate Street and through into the Market Place.’
    • ‘The industrial museum houses Bradford's transport history, old mill machinery, mill workers cottages, hundreds of pieces of memorabilia and the famous shire horses.’
    • ‘There are also stately homes, farm parks, zoos, museums, craft centres, pixie centre, shire horse centre, vineyards, castles, wildlife parks and other attractions.’


shire horse

/ˈʃaɪ(ə)r hɔrs//ˈSHī(ə)r hôrs/