Definition of shipyard in US English:



  • A place where ships are built and repaired.

    • ‘Bad loans to shipyards were a factor in the decline.’
    • ‘The rebels had even hastily built a shipyard station to repair damaged ships.’
    • ‘I remember entering a shipyard, along the quays of the Seine, outside of Paris.’
    • ‘There was a slow and modest but real beginning of industrial development, with shipyards and foundries and there were changes in agricultural methods.’
    • ‘Mass production of Liberty Ships in US shipyards, however, helped to ensure that the Allies would win this race.’
    • ‘He noted Pulp and Paper mills, shipyards and docks as examples.’
    • ‘Work is underway at a shipyard in the Bahamas with completion expected by the end of this year.’
    • ‘Along with naval shipyards, these ships were the big workplaces of their day.’
    • ‘Cape Asia has already ordered a similar size bulk carrier from the shipyard.’
    • ‘Not only did we lose a number of ships outright, but a good proportion of our fleet is going to be laid up in shipyards for repairs.’
    • ‘The 250 exhibitors from top shipyards and international luxury yacht manufacturers made the show the largest of its kind in Asia.’
    • ‘There was a great little card there, the last one before the bus took us through the shipyard and to our pier.’
    • ‘Along with most of the crew, no one at the shipyard knew why the ship was being refurbished.’
    • ‘The weak dollar has made it expensive to build new vessels in the foreign shipyards that specialize in cruise ships.’
    • ‘Our tour of the town begins with an interminable drive through recently closed shipyards and abandoned industrial factories lining the harbour.’
    • ‘Lately, however, jobs were getting rather scarce as docks and shipyards began to tighten their security.’
    • ‘Over two hundred whales from 20 different species are now crowding the area around the shipyards.’
    • ‘There are a few shipyards however, where ships are docked for repairs.’
    • ‘While still in Norway a Norwegian commander who worked in the shipyard that built St Albans paid the ship a visit.’
    • ‘The Zenith's engines powered up for the first time as the ship cleared the shipyard that built it.’
    workshop, works, factory, garage, plant, foundry, mill, industrial unit, business unit
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