Definition of shipping agent in US English:

shipping agent


  • A licensed agent in a port who transacts or supervises a ship's business, such as customs and immigration procedures, insurance, or documentation, on behalf of the owner.

    • ‘Take the documentation which the dealer sent you to a shipping agent who will arrange the offloading of the car from the ship.’
    • ‘With this interest he started an apprenticeship with a shipping agent but gave this up after two years.’
    • ‘The office has also called on shipping agents to delay sea travel in the middle of January, particularly those ships cruising along the Northern coast of Java.’
    • ‘My great-great grandfather went into shipping and became the P&O shipping agent in Melbourne, then Sydney.’
    • ‘This past weekend's group were cargo shipping agents.’
    • ‘His shipping profits were boosted further by his failure to pay fuel, storage, provision and personnel bills to the shipping agent handling the vessel.’
    • ‘In addition to promoting a single variety, shipping agents graded fruit bunches by the number of hands, the fullness of the individual fruits, and the outward appearance of the peels.’
    • ‘No one was arrested but customs officers questioned the shipping agents in Hong Kong.’
    • ‘The Baileys spent the night in the house of the shipping agent there, Bailey and their host standing guard all night with club and revolver respectively.’
    • ‘The prior, more-informal system favored drivers who had relationships with shipping agents.’
    • ‘According to the officer, boat owners pay shipping agents in Mombasa to make sure goods are cleared through the port without paying taxes or import duties.’
    • ‘In 1917, he was the shipping agent responsible for the first meat-carrying steamer to load at the wharf.’
    • ‘He subsequently went into business with his father, a shipping agent.’
    • ‘It required a complex, structured network of merchants, freighters, wholesalers, shipping agents, tanners, and buyers.’
    • ‘He was also the leading auctioneer in the area, believe it or not was also a shipping agent, travel agent, toll collector, playwright and the non-elected spokesman for an entire town.’
    • ‘Despite being sent from Australia on Monday May 6, the funds had not been transferred out of the Brazilian Central Bank to the shipping agent by closing Friday, May 10.’
    • ‘By the mid-1930s, he was working as a shipping agent in south Wales, and was contemplating giving up life as a jockey because of his constant struggle to make the weight.’
    • ‘Eager Syrian immigrants were herded into ships and headed off to ‘Amrika’ or ‘Nay Yark,’ and many of them ended up in Brazil or Australia as a result of unscrupulous shipping agents.’
    • ‘According to a source, customs officers have ‘contacted the shipping agent in Hong Kong’, but no arrest has yet been made.’
    • ‘They will have to deal with shipping agents in this country who will be under pressure to get the ships out, to make ships comply, and to make the structure comply.’