Definition of shipowner in US English:



  • A person or company owning a ship or a share in a ship.

    • ‘The labour exerted upon the ship has been adding to the shipowner's capital throughout the process of construction.’
    • ‘The package is one of the largest investments ever made in newbuildings by an international shipowner.’
    • ‘The family became influential shipowners and traders.’
    • ‘They did not actually employ the labour; they represented the shipowner who put the ship through the port, and they bowed to pressure that they should not have bowed to.’
    • ‘On the one hand, a shipowner could send his ship without convoy and make a good profit but at the great risk of its being captured.’
    • ‘Are not sections 259 and 261 only concerned with apportionment of liability between ships, or shipowners?’
    • ‘One was a charge over uncalled share capital; the other was a shipowner's lien on subfreights.’
    • ‘So great was the demand for slaves, and so high the profits, that shipowners and captains continued (now as smugglers) to sail the ghastly ‘middle passage’, trafficking flesh and blood.’
    • ‘One calculation indicates that under the 1992 Protocols the shipowner's average share of the amount payable for pollution damage will rise from 47 per cent to 68 per cent.’
    • ‘Otherwise the main purpose of the shipowners ' obligation to stow below deck would be seriously undermined.’
    • ‘Yet we have a policy that is to the detriment of New Zealand shipowners and seafarers.’
    • ‘Copies were e-mailed on Thursday night to shipowners and ship managers.’
    • ‘The defendants' position involves serious criticism of numerous shipbuilders and shipowners over the years.’
    • ‘Arguing that profiteering shipowners and unscrupulous insurers were collaborating in sending out unseaworthy vessels, the play led to popular outrage and a change in the law.’
    • ‘During this busy and expansive time, shipowners frantically sought cargo for their empty ship on the home run.’
    • ‘One shipbroking source believes other shipowners, although few other Hong Kong shipping companies, will face the same difficulties.’
    • ‘At the present time shipowners and wharf people pretty much know who is coming in and out.’
    • ‘The purpose of this act was to encourage American shipowners to build their vessels in domestic shipyards and operate them under the American flag.’
    • ‘In a letter received by shipowners, shipmanagers and shipbrokers earlier this week, the sea school said it needed outside sponsorship to help cover the expected cut in funding.’
    • ‘Thus, where the initial error in transfer leads to a delay in the payment of an amount due under a charterparty, the shipowner may be entitled to withdraw the vessel.’