Definition of ship's papers in US English:

ship's papers

plural noun

  • Documents that a ship is legally required to carry, providing details of ownership, nationality, destination, cargo, etc.

    • ‘The captain was ordered to surrender the ship's papers but once night fell she slipped out of Gibraltar with her lights switched off and leaving her papers behind.’
    • ‘Similarly some of the judgments in the ship's papers cases treat the order for ship's papers as an application of the obligation of good faith.’
    • ‘Norman told me he had lost everything except his ship's papers, kept in a survival bag made of watertight barrage balloon material and hung around his neck.’
    • ‘He decided he had to leave Poland and, on July 22, he made a second attempt to flee on his former ship, using his old ship's papers.’
    • ‘The ship's papers said the cargo was for a firm identified as Integrated Chemicals and Development but contacts so far with Sudan indicated the company did not exist.’