Definition of shininess in US English:



  • See shiny

    • ‘The typography and frightening face shininess are not to be missed.’
    • ‘I remember this shininess now with a particular weight of irony.’
    • ‘The terms you mention are ones that various manufacturers use to describe the shininess of their products.’
    • ‘Frankly the thought's so scary that I'm now scrabbling around for a shampoo that guarantees me precisely 100% normal shininess and not a single millionth of a percentage either way.’
    • ‘It has now lost its silky shininess and slinky softness.’
    • ‘Her tear filled eyes glazed over the shininess of the pipe, and then almost instantly, she screamed in rage and threw it down the tunnel.’
    • ‘I was now transfixed in the shininess of the razor.’
    • ‘Remember that surface flatness is always much more important than shininess.’
    • ‘I am like a magpie, seduced by all the shininess.’
    • ‘There's just something so special about a freshly opened conker - but then the shininess fades and thoughts turned to preparing it for combat.’
    • ‘That afternoon, my cousins and I were admiring its shininess and how cool it looks.’
    • ‘It is not only the brightness, garishness, shininess and fine detail of these pictures: the composition, too, was - by the standards of the masters - slapdash.’