Definition of shingleback in US English:


(also shingleback lizard)


  • A slow-moving heavily built lizard with scales resembling those of pine cones, found in arid regions of Australia.

    Trachydosaurus rugosus, family Scincidae

    • ‘Changes in the haematology of shingleback lizards are discussed along with the probable cause for hyperbiliverdinemia.’
    • ‘Species found include shingleback lizards, which are popular with Japanese smugglers.’
    • ‘We have shinglebacks from both western and southern regions of Australia at the moment, and are hoping to breed them next summer.’
    • ‘My children are not allergic to shinglebacks, so we should be nice to them.’
    • ‘I've seen lots of bluetongues but this is the first shingleback lizard I've ever seen.’
    • ‘On the way in I saw two shingleback lizards crossing the road; one behind the other.’
    • ‘I've had all sorts of reptiles; bearded dragons, two species of python, blue-tongued lizards, shingleback lizards… you name it.’
    • ‘Bobtails are often known by other names such as shinglebacks, stumpy tails, pinecone lizard and boggi.’
    • ‘The shinglebacks were first off the mark but have a reputation for being a little slow.’
    • ‘This lizard has a fat tail shaped like its head, which can fool predators into attacking the wrong end of the shingleback.’