Definition of shine through in US English:

shine through

phrasal verb

  • (of a good quality or skill) be clearly evident.

    ‘at Regis his talent shone through’
    • ‘The media and governments may hound us, but quality will always shine through.’
    • ‘His evident sincerity and resolve shone through once again; he is his own best weapon.’
    • ‘Worked hard and his skill shone through but caused few problems for their defence.’
    • ‘The food was mainly pretty good and the quality of the ingredients shone through, even where the combinations worked less well for us.’
    • ‘But once you get that sorted, the underlying strength of the brand and the quality of the product shines through.’
    • ‘Her love of the English language was always evident and shone through her many and varied readings.’
    • ‘His dedication to the reasons for making music at all shine through clearly both on record and in his spirited live performances.’
    • ‘As soon as they hit the stage, the star quality shines through loud and clear.’
    • ‘Not as exotic as some might like, but the quality shone through.’
    • ‘His knowledge of football in general is second to none and his never-ending research in days prior to matchdays clearly shines through.’